Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Many Years Ago Today I Was Born

A few weeks ago I was tagged by Jen to do a '10 Random Facts About Me' list. I am finding out that this is one of those things bloggers do to one another, sort of like calling you down the Soul Train line to shake your booty, only with words. Or, more precisely, Another Forum In Which To Blabber On Endlessly About Ourselves. I thought the anniversary of my birth was an appropriate time to do just that:

1) I am older than her.

2) But younger than her.

3) This is one of my favorite places to eat. No, seriously.

4) I like coffee. Alot.

5) It took me four months of all-consuming research and careful analysis to buy my cappuccino machine. During that time I bought and returned three different models from three different stores. One of those I rejected simply because the foaming wand could not be rotated a full 360ยบ, necessary, in my opinion, to achieve a pure and incandescent topping to my liquid stimulating beverage.

6) We bought our last car without even test driving it.

7) I have slept through a 6.6 magnitude earthquake.

8) I fear bugs and insects of any kind. Even those ones that are dead and behind glass in a museum - I'm scared of those too.

9) I am insecure and anxious about boring people when I talk about myself.

10) Not insecure and anxious enough, however, to shamelessly post a '10 Things About Myself' list on the internet.

As a birthday gift from you to me, please post your own Shamelessly Self-Lauding 10 Facts Lists in my Comments* section. You'll feel thinner and prettier, I promise!

*Also, this is International De-Lurking Week so really, you are obligated to come out of the shadows and leave a comment or else all your hair will fall out and you will grow a chin.

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  1. but first, I need to know what cappuccino machine you settled on. My favorite model is no longer available, and our last (which I researched endlessly, and still read up they PAY all those people to give the worst machine we've ever had RAVE reviews?)sucks--and after years of pretending it doesn't, we're ready to try again. If you give us the coffee machine dope, I might even give you 10 facts...

  2. oh and, HAPPY DAY!

  3. First, happy birthday, chick! I'm a January baby, too. we rule. (it's true, you can look it up)

    Why kind a cap' machine did you get? was the francis francis one of the ones you test drove?

    also - have you lost weight? (must be the list)

  4. Okay, I really don't need a THIRD chin, but what if we can't think of 10 things to say about ourselves?

  5. Sooo, it's your birthday, excellent! So as a gift to you, here's my "ten" random facts. And as they say on my planet, "auguribuoncompleanno"
    1)I like watching clouds.
    2)I have a "thing" about watches, they hypnotize me.
    3)I believe in angeles.
    4)I really do believe in Angeles
    5)I never grew up. I'm still a 5 yrs old kid trapped in man's body.
    6) I love food.
    7) I'm shy but I don't show it!
    8)I daydream alot.
    9) I want to be an astronaut
    I0) I like the feeling of a pair brand new socks.

  6. The machine I finally decided on is this one in stainless steel.

    I had a few requirements: price (under $500) and a large water tank so that I could make several drinks in a row. I had 30 people over for Thanksgiving and made 16 cappucinnos in succession, no problem. It was actually recommended by a Pasqini rep that I had talked to because it was one of the few home machines that he said was made in Italy and built to last. I have had this machine for around 3 years and use it almost every day and have had no problems. Oh, and the coffee tastes goooood.

    Also, believe it or not, Starbucks has great customer service. Before this machine we had purchased a regular drip coffee maker that malfunctioned after around 4 months, and they gave me a full refund, no questions asked.

    Can I sound any more like a COFFEE GEEK? Yeesh.

    Okay, Laura - begin your list!!

  7. Here is a short list because I am AT WORK and should be, uh, WORKING:

    1) My boyfriend of 7 months thinks that I am one year younger than I really am (!!!!)
    2) I drink chocolate milk every night
    3) I own a Backstreet Boys CD
    4) I hum in my sleep sometimes
    5) I stole a tube of lipstick when I was 14.

  8. Happy Birthday!

    10 things, huh?

    1)I am also a January baby.
    2)I'm a damned yankee.
    3)I like to fish, as long as I don't have to touch the bait or the fish.
    4)I'm tall.
    5)Not freaky tall. Just regular tall.
    6)I used to take a book and a bowl of cherry tomatoes into the tree in our yard and stay there for hours.
    7)Not recently. I was a kid. It was a good climbing tree.
    8)We're under a Tornado watch here right now and it's getting kinda gusty out there.
    10)I'm the only girl in a family of five children. I'm not scared of no steenking tornado.

  9. 1) I worry, a lot...sometimes about rational,and more often about not so rational things. Like when I read an article about LYME disease, by the time I finish I am dialing the doctor because I am pretty sure I have it.
    And yet, when people I know and love worry about silly things, I tell them they are crazy...and I mean it.

    2) I like listening to other people's conversations in public places, especially restaurants.

    3) Often, the less my clothing costs, the more I like it.I especially like it when someone compliments me on any given piece of my bargain ensemble.
    Payless, Target, Costco,Mervyn's...some of my favorite boutiques.

    4)My closet's present entry for "Best New Sweater" came straight off the racks of the Target Children's (girl's) department.

    5) I don't like to fly (see number 1), but I love to go to faraway places.

    6) I don't think I could ever eat just one cookie, or mini reese's cup...
    if I am going to have one, I need AT LEAST a handful.

    7) When I go to family gatherings (my side of the family), I always feel like the dumbest person in the room.

    8) Most often, I'm a person who really knows what she wants,but faced with menus at restaurants I always have a difficult time committing to an order.

    9) I have a very sensitive sense of smell, Giampaolo thinks I may have been a dog in my past life. I love the smell of garlic frying in olive oil, anything baking,babies, spring, vanilla and coffee. I hate the smell of mildew--but then, who doesn't?

    10) Of all the things I have learned,and the few I can actually remember, I think being bilingual is my favorite skill.

    11) YES, a bonus fact! I will never NOT think my butt looks big. But luckily, that never stopped me (see number 6).

  10. HApPy B-DaY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I am slow, but Happy Birthday and here are some odd things:

    1. I played Coco in my Vermont high school rendition on Fame. I had to wear skin darkening makeup. I won't go into all the reasons that was kind of fucked up.

    2. I have crushes on wierd dudes. Adrian Brody? Mo Rocca? Harry Potter in the last movie where he is CLEARLY 16 and not 11....

    3. I get a deep dark craving for Chef Boyardee Ravioli in a can once a year.

    4. My husband was one of my camp counselors when I was 11 - but we didn't know it until many years after we had gotten together

    5. I'm a little addicted to National Geographic Channel

    OK - Only five.


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