Monday, July 01, 2013

Lunch at Farmer's Market, in Short Order

This is not a sponsored post. We paid for our own food, damnit.

Last Sunday was another CicLAvia event, where they close off long stretches of roads in L.A. exclusively for bicyclists and pedestrians. The girls and I participated in our usual way – by figuring out what nice restaurant is at the end of the route and then meeting Rigel – who bikes from start to finish – there for lunch. We had the ridiculous thought of actually riding with him, but you know – tired. And hungry. The only way we might consider it is if we could hook up with this genius crew:

Luckily CicLAvia always seems to end at a nice dining spot – last time it was the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, and this year it was in the Miracle Mile district. The girls and I decided to meet Rigel at The Original Farmer's Market adjacent to The Grove. That way we could eat and shop while while waiting to meet up – in other words, while Rigel was working for ways to reduce his carbon footprint, we were working on ways to increase it tenfold.

We love the Farmer's Market for its old-fashioned stalls and variety of foods, but on this day we opted for a new sit-down spot we hadn't tried before, Short Order. I'm not gonna lie, the reasons we picked this place were not because of some glowing Yelp review or on the recommendation of one of my foodie friends. We picked it because:

1) We found a parking spot right in front.
2) We didn't feel like looking for a place to eat because – tired.
3) The girls spotted a couple of cute waiters and so the food must be awesome.

But we made the right choice. I found out that Nancy Silverton (La Brea Bakery, Campanile, Mozza) is one of the people behind it and menu items are all made with with locally raised and organic ingredients.

I started with their Fresh Ginger Ale. So good.

Then I had their Cobb Salad. Note that I had no intention whatsoever of ordering a salad when there were so many awesome burgers on their menu, but this one came with a FRIED EGG ON TOP. Yes, those all-caps were to symbolize my love for anything with a FRIED EGG ON TOP. I even have an entire Pinterest page dedicated to it. Go ahead, behold Things That Are Better With A Fried Egg On Top.

It was the best Cobb Salad ever. And not just because it had a FRIED EGG ON TOP.

The service was great, prices are reasonable (my Cobb was $12) and they have two nice patios (upstairs and downstairs) for dining al fresco. Oh, and the waiters were pretty cute. We can't wait to go back – maybe next time we'll ride our bikes there.

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