Friday, August 21, 2009

This is not a sponsored post. Or is it?

No it isn't, but like the movie I'm going to talk about, Paper Heart, it's always good to keep people guessing. (I know there's been a a lot of controversy in the blogosphere lately about people getting paid for posts, and I just wanted to make things perfectly clear: Who in their right mind would pay me for this? Although it sure would have helped, because that $30 bucket of popcorn and those $15 Twizzlers really put a dent in my wallet.)

The 'mockumentary' stars comedian Charlyne Yi and chronicles her search for true love, but the audience is never quite sure which parts are real and which parts are fiction. Along the way Yi meets and falls in love with actor Michael Cera, who plays himself. The big question surrounding the film is, were Yi and Cera ever dating or were they just playing a couple for the sake of the movie? The fact that I'm intrigued enough to even write a post about it says a lot about the persuasiveness of the movie. Or does it just mean I'm sorely in need of a hobby? There I go with the whole keep-you-guessing thing again! Ka-ching!

Paper Heart was just one of the movies I took Kira and Kiyomi and their friends to see this summer. Like many of the others, this fell squarely into the tween-teen-chick-flick genre that Rigel avoids like the plague, movies that make him say things like, "You girls go and bond," and "Please don't make me go see that crappy movie." That's not to say I didn't like the movie - I really did - but the cuteness and 'twee' factor were a big part of it's charm, and when Rigel asked me how it was and I said, "It would have made you want to shoot yourself right there in the theater," he knew exactly what I meant.

But I loved this movie and would recommend seeing it, if only for Charlene Yi's quirkiness and also for the puppet segments that illustrate some of the backstories of the characters - the puppets and sets were actually made by Yi and her dad. (Also, it's around a billion times better than another movie I took the girls to see, I Love You Beth Cooper, that made me want to march right up to the box office and demand the last 102 minutes of my life back, with interest.)

Here's a trailer from the movie, but mind you, I will have to charge you to watch it.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

MamaPop: Jon Gosselin's Stomach Is Telling Us To Go To Hell

I have a new post up on MamaPop about Jon Gosselin's stomach. Let's just say it involves Jon's stomach speaking to me in the voice of McGruff the Crime Dog. My God, if that doesn't just make you put down your Wii remote and rush right on over, I don't know what will.

So there's this picture that's been all over the internet, of Jon Gosselin exposing his stomach. There he is nonchalantly texting and at the same time treating us all to a glimpse of his blubbery mound. And while most people are wondering how he could be so careless, I tend to think he's doing it on purpose. It's like Jon's stomach is giving us the finger...


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