Monday, June 07, 2010

Our dismal future

If you've met Kiyomi you'd know that she has a slightly alarming obsession with money. Whether it's trying to score extra change from her family, or dreaming of the untold wealth she's going to accumulate in the future, the mighty dollar is never far from her mind. It's always disconcerting to hear an 11-year-old say, "You're going to be so sorry when I'm rich and famous," but we told her grandmother she was only joking.

Not surprisingly, she's chosen to pursue a career in entertainment. Can you blame her? With the images kids see around them these days they all think that they can be rolling in dough like Miley Cyrus or Paris Hilton. We're trying to be as supportive as we can, but the other day I gave her a lecture about the importance of doing quality work as opposed to just doing something for the money. She couldn't hear me because Jersey Shore was blaring away on the TV, but I think she got the message.

One of the ways her big-money plans have manifested itself is in the mansion she talks about building with her eventual fortune. At last count it had more than 60 rooms and boasted a game room, a bowling alley, a screening room, three pools and a kennel. She's always promised Rigel and I our own space in these future digs and although we always just chuckled and sighed at how "cute" this all sounded, I sometimes wonder if it's the only thing standing between us and a double-wide on a dusty lot.

And boy does she know it. Lately, if one of us reprimands her or she doesn't like how a particular situation is going, she'll narrow her eyes, lower her voice in mock disdain and say,

"Your room in my mansion? JUST GOT SMALLER."

At least we hope she's joking. After Rigel got on her case the other day about not cleaning the cat box I saw her furiously on her phone texting. I think she was talking to her architects, and I'm pretty sure I heard her mention the words 'broom closet.' We may have to raise her allowance.

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  1. But it will be a very nice broom closet. Very roomy probably.

  2. NorCal Sistah6/07/2010 7:18 PM

    Hey ... at least you are in the house ... if you remember she was putting me in the "dog house". LOL! If will can make you a billionaire she will do just fine!

  3. She sounds like my older brother. Whenever someone--including our parents--would tease him or make him mad when we were growing up, he would tell us that we just lost the car he was going to buy us. I lost that damn car a good 500 times. Sigh.

  4. last week, the Bee told us that when she grows up, she's going to live in a mansion in Paris and be married to Justin Bieber and have four children. the only thing I could think was, "my grandchildren are going to have that hair?"

  5. I really enjoyed your blog thanks for sharing


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