Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Daily Celebrity Dropping: Lindsay Lohan Is Not Going To Jail. Wait, Yes She Is. Wait, No She Isn't.

Last month, after it was determined that Lindsay Lohan couldn't follow directions and had violated her parole, a judge ordered the actress to be fitted with an alcohol-monitoring device in order to avoid going to jail. The device went off on Sunday night while Lohan was attending an MTV Movie Awards party, a bench warrant was issued for her arrest, Lohan accused everyone of being lying liars and today she's a free woman What?

So, the first warning was just a warning warning, the kind of empty threat I give my kids when I tell them I'm going to sell them to the circus if they don't give me a pedicure? I need some lawyer-type person to break this all down for me. Because I'm thinking that if Lohan were a male, a minority and hadn't starred in 'Parent Trap' she'd be trading in her Prada for a hairnet and an orange jumpsuit. Or at least being sold to the circus.
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  1. How long does everyone keep enabling this woman? She's unbelievable. Did you see the interview where she denied doing drugs or alcohol? She couldn't keep a straight face and her eyes flicked all over the room.

    It's sad and horrible to stand back and watch her toss her life down a bottle. While her mother and friends enable her slow suicide.

  2. You know, we had to wear ankle bracelet thingys this weekend for a 5K and all I could think of was how very Lohan the whole thing was.


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