Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Everyone Is Getting A Lump Of Coal For Christmas

Oh dear.

I just did this again.

Only this time it was worse, because it took me two hours to realize it, and only then because I saw myself in the mirror.

I had put them on to take the girls to school this morning (so no one would recognize me. Because I hadn't brushed my hair. Or my teeth. Or changed out of my pajama top.) After I got home things got kind of chaotic as I attempted to eat breakfast while at the same time doing a flyer for a school fundraiser and answering the phone which seemed to ring every .01 seconds. I had to hurry because in a couple of hours I had to run out and buy enough food to feed seventy-five people at a banquet that I'm helping out with tomorrow.

Did I mention I'm taking the girls to a holiday show that my nephew is performing in tonight? Oh, and there's the school fundraiser tomorrow night, the school holiday show on Thursday (two separate performances for Kira, since she's in orchestra), two classroom parties on Friday, ice skating Friday afternoon and the girls friends' are coming over Friday night!

And a party to go to on Saturday, for which we have no sitter yet!

Did I also mention I have bought only two Christmas presents?

What was I talking about? Oh yes! The Sunglasses!

Is this the least of my worries? Do I sound panicked?

Hey! It's dark in here! Who turned the lights off?!

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  1. are we gonna find you in a corner clutchign your knees as you rock back & forth mumbling shit?

    Nice work.

    (oh, and I won't even add "10 random list"...nope, I wouldn't dare)
    (ohm I KEED. I am a big KEEDER.)

  2. Just give them all a pipe and a rock of crack. Noone will remember anything else.

  3. I'm exhausted just reading about this. I think that your New Year's Resolution should be the word "NO". No, I won't do your fundraiser flyer. No, I won't pick-up the food for the fundraiser. No, you can't ever have any friends over and No, you are not allowed to participate in any outside events!. See it soooo easy and fun. Now you try!


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