Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Rigel and I have this routine, where once we take the final steps out of the girls' rooms after putting them to bed we collapse on the couch heaving big sighs of exhaustion and exasperation. You would think we had just done an triathalon, until you saw my thighs. Then we proceed to turn on the tv and channel surf for the next half hour or so, thinking this is just the thing to give us the inspiration to get up and get to other more constructive things like blogging or reading People magazine.

The other night as we clicked through an unsually dire selection of cable offerings we came upon a movie titled 'Man and Boy.' Surprisingly, this was not a Michael Jackson biopic but a western-themed movie from the 70's starring Bill Cosby. I was just about to change the channel during a particularly painful scene between a very serious Bill Cosby and a woman in bad Indian garb when Rigel remarked that he recognized the actress:

Rigel: She looks familiar. I think it's that woman from 'Will and Grace.'

Me (astounded, not only for the reason that he barely tolerates my late-night viewings of 'Will and Grace'): That's not...Omigod! It IS her. You recognized her? This is shocking. You are usually so bad with faces.

R: Excuse me? I'm good with faces.

M: No, you are SO bad with faces! That's your thing! In fact, you should change your name to 'Bad With Faces.'

R: Sheeeit. Aren't you the one who THINKS she's always seeing celebrities at Target?

M: But I do! Because I'm GOOD WITH FACES. You, on the other hand, never recognize ANYBODY, even if you've met them a gazillion times.

R: That just means I'm Bad With Names.

M: No, that makes you Bad With Faces. AND names.

R: Good god, woman. I'm going to bed.

M: Yes, that's right, run, run away, 'BAD WITH FACES!'

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  1. I also use a very similar technique called "I am right because you have no memory and I can prove it: Tell me what I was wearing the night (Fill in the blank)"

    He also gets up and walks away.

    Maybe Rigel can team up with Kevin Costner and do a re-make.

    They can be
    "Bad at Acting"
    "Bad with faces"

  2. Hmm..I hadn't thought to give my terminally amnesiac husband a Native American name. I'll have to work on that. There are so many things I could use.

  3. tho he should be a little wary of this nickname, one easy typo and he's "Bad with Feces". Spellcheck would have left that one alone.

  4. okay okay...
    so he's bad with faces - good with names or visa versa -- how is he with money??
    No one bothers to mention that - or -how much does he spend on shoes per year - nobody metioned that either

    I got your back R. - your okay...now.

    by the way I am the tall funny lookin old dude with the glasses - you remember don't cha'??

    BTW- that "Man and Boy" trailer( follow the link) is a MuSt SEE it is fantastic!!!!!!!! I will be sharing that one with friends for a few months just for the laughs...(you don't realize how far we'ez come 'till ya' look back into the future...)

    Meanest Murderin' Outlaw: You know I gots ta' kill you boy...
    Boy: will it hurt?

    who wrote that stuff back then????!!!


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