Monday, July 12, 2010

Daily Celebrity Dropping: Angelina Jolie Has a New Secret Tattoo and You're Going to Help Me Guess What It Is

So apparently Angelina Jolie and I have something in common. We both have tattoos on our inner-thighs that are "just for Brad." Well, mine is on my outer thigh, isn't just for Brad, and it isn't so much a tattoo as a scar from when I was 15 and fell down chasing the boy's water polo team into the locker room. The point is, we both did crazy things for love.

Angie is refusing to divulge what her new tattoo is, saying that it's meant for Brad's eyes only. This has got me wondering what it says, and all sorts of crazy ideas are going through my head. Is it an arrow pointing upward that says, 'One Way'? Did she get it when she was mad at Brad and it says, 'If You Can Read This Tattoo You Are Too Damn Close To My Vagina'? Is it a picture of Jennifer Aniston with a big 'X' through it? Or maybe she went out and got really drunk, stumbled into a tattoo parlor and accidentally asked for the Jon Gosselin special. Help me out here people - don't make me lay awake another night thinking about this.

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  1. I...don' The longer we idolize these crazy people the closer we get to extinction.

  2. "Slippery When Wet."

    Sorry, had to do it.


  3. Norcal Sistah7/12/2010 10:46 PM

    Maybe it says "Brad was here!".

  4. perhaps its an ornate frame with Brads eyes tattoo'd into it... after all she did say it was for his eyes only.... although I can think of other parts of him I'd rather have on my inner thigh... just saying!....

  5. image of a ruler, to scale... hehe
    'must be this tall to ride'


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