Monday, July 19, 2010

Daily Celebrity Dropping: The Things We Do For 'Glee'

Okay, I admit it -- I'm hooked on 'Glee.' After some initial reluctance, I have to admit to being sucked into all the hype and now you might say I'm even slightly obsessed. Then again, maybe everyone has Jane Lynch's face tattooed on their stomach. 

Apparently I'm not the only one willing to go to lengths for the gang at William McKinley High. Singer Charice Pempengco, who is set to make her debut on the show's second season, reportedly got her skin tightened and received Botox treatments in order to "look fresh on camera."

None of which is unusual in Hollywood, but Charice is only 18.

This makes me sad, especially since shortly after getting cast she said she was "very proud to be an Asian, very proud to be Filipino" but then apparently got the treatments in order to make her "naturally round face" appear more narrow. Doesn't she know that us Asians are known for our round faces? Well, that and our cameras and our driving.

Charice, if you're reading -- no more treatments. Your Asian face is beautiful just the way it is. And if they try to make you a blonde run for the hills.

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  1. I find this sad... at 18!! I must be getting old...

  2. This is more than sad. It's tragic. I hope this doesn't start a trend, among 18-year-olds, lovely asian actresses, or anyone else. Yuck!

    I know about botox, but what exactly is "having your skin tightened"? Do they wash it in really really hot water, or what?

  3. I'm with you. She's beautiful the way she is!

  4. I agree! She doesn't have to change her face for people to accept her. She has penetrated the US market without any treatment, so why start now...Sigh! Anyhow, I hope she'll be great on Glee!


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