Wednesday, November 12, 2008

This Blogging Thing Ain't So Bad After All

jonas-brothers-concert-roxy-tickets-american-eagle-77kidsA couple of weeks ago I was talking to one of the other moms at Kiyomi's school, and she asked me what I did for a living. I find this question so daunting these days; after being an art director for 20+ years, it's been hard for me to actually describe myself as a writer, and then once I do there's the whole thing with blogging. Most of you know how hard it is to describe it to people: "Well, I write about...stuff, and then, um, people read it and hopefully comment, and then uh, yeah, sometimes - get this - I actually get paid for it." I could already see what she was thinking: Well now, that sounds like a sound career! Maybe someday you'll get promoted to Head Nacho Maker or get a real job like that guy on TV that sells the Shamwow.

Then come the puzzled looks, and the prodding questions, "Now tell me - why would anyone want to read about your life again?" and "So, just so I get this clear - you spend hours writing on this blog-thing of yours, but don't always get paid?" and then the career advice, "Have you considered a night course at the junior college in office management?"

But then once in awhile something like this comes along and I realize how cool this whole blogging thing really is: Friday night, the girls and I have been invited to a private, VIP Jonas Brothers concert at the Roxy on the Sunset Strip. 77 screaming kids to launch 77kids, a new clothing line from American Eagle, and we'll be among the lucky few.

I'm thinking I'll snap a few pictures at the show and send one along to that inquiring mom with this note: Money made blogging today: $0. Picture of your daughters standing mere feet away from the world's biggest teen band: Priceless.

On Sunday, November 16, you can watch the concert online here, and register to win some cool free stuff, too.

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  1. I can hear the screams all the way across the country! Wow, have fun. Or rather, hope the girls have fun. Hope you don't lose your hearing (bring earplugs).

    Don't know if you remember me commenting that my bro got a gig working for a big band, but he sent me a pic today of him and BONO. You people are driving me crazzzy with the jealousy!!!

  2. You always have to one up me. I get invited to hang out with Tori Spelling and you go all Jonas on my ass.

    I don't even like the Jonas Bros. (that I know of, never listened to them) but that's really cool. Your daughters must have an inflated sense of your coolness.

  3. That's awesome!

    And it does feel like a (good) job. doesn't it? Someone asked me what I did for work last week and I almost answered: Blog.

  4. That, in terms my granddaughters would understand, is totally awesome! I recently posted one word on my blog about "this blog thing"... and I received 18 well-thought, brilliantly written, soulfully honest responses.

    BUT not one of them mentioned VIP Jonas Brothers concert tickets... until now! I am dancing in my kitchen at the thought of your total blog "score." (Yeah, that translates to "luck" from an old gal like me!)

    Brilliant post!

  5. Your girls will be the envy of teenagers everywhere.

    And I know I'm old enough to be his mom - I mean aunt - but that middle one with the thick eyebrows is kind of cute.


  6. Jonas Brothers tickets are better than money. Now you don't have to get your girls Christmas gifts this year.

  7. Oh my, the Jonas Brothers. I hope my son never develops his own taste in music.

    Have fun, and if there's a stampede, head for high ground!


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