Monday, November 10, 2008

And you thought your local news was bad

newspaper-ignores-obama-victory-terrell-tribune-obama-acceptance-speech-michelle-obamaOne of my favorite pastimes is making fun of our local newscasts. This being L.A., most of them are not known for their hard hitting news. For example, there might be a national crisis of some sort going on, but they'll probably skip over that story if Angelina Jolie takes her twelve kids shopping for socks, or if an episode of "The Hills" is being filmed at The Ivy and a reporter happens to get a quote from Heidi Montag about the economy.

But nothing could compare to this story I just saw, where the Terrell Tribune, a newspaper in Kaufman County, Texas ignored Barack Obama's victory in the U.S. presidential election and instead ran a story about a local race for county commissioner. The story wasn't just pushed back to the second page, or even the third page - it wasn't covered at all. This means that if you lived in Kaufman County and picked up the paper on Wednesday morning, you may not have known that we had a new president at all. You might have glanced at the front page, tossed it aside and skipped right to the coupons and WordJumble just like you did every other morning.

Bill Jordan, the publisher of the newspaper, had this to say:

"We run a newspaper, not a memory book service. We covered the local commissioner's race. We thought that was more important."

Hey, Bill Jordan - I have a headline for tomorrow's paper! Public Finds Out That Newspaper Is Published By Biggest Douchebag Ever.

To be fair, that County Commisioner race looked like a darn exciting one, with Democrat J.C. Jackson beating Kenneth Schoen with 3,097 votes to his opponents 2,864. Schoen ran on a platform of road improvements. After his news-making victory Jackson said of his voters, "I think they were looking for a change and I think that’s the way they voted. They made it clear they’re looking for something different.”

Hey - some other guy made a speech on Tuesday night that kind of said the same thing.

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  1. Can I swear? Can I please?


  2. This is outrageous. I hope they fire that guy.


  3. I think someone's begging for a flagpole wedgie.

  4. WOW. Like, seriously. WOWWWW. I'm with marymurtz and anonymous -- that guy needs to find a new job. I wouldn't be surprised if he runs front page articles about his kid's sports games, too. "Douchebag, Jr. bunted to successfully take first base against Heehaw State in the second inning." Dumbasses.


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