Saturday, November 15, 2008

Friday: Paz Vega, The Jonas Brothers and a Huge Fire

Friday was one of those exhausting, surreal, running-on-adrenaline-and-espresso kind of days. The kind where you vaguely recollect what you did, but then aren't sure exactly how you got there, what transpired or exactly what the outcome was. It's like looking at pictures of a college party and then going, "Oh, I was wondering how I ended up at that coffee shop, wearing my bathrobe and covered in Sharpie scribbles." Well, Friday wasn't that bad, but was such a whirlwind I'm still taking it all in. I did wake up this morning with a wristband on, though, and the smell of smoke in my hair. Come to think of it, it was exactly like a college party.

The day started off with a lunch interview with Paz Vega. She was great - I got there late, though, which I hate since it throws me off and takes me a few minutes to get my bearings. She got to see me arrive breathless and sweaty and then fumbling for tape recorders in my purse while Ralphs receipts and mints tumbled out. Also, it looks really, really professional when you pull our your iPhone and there's a hunk of granola bar stuck to the bottom.

Went to the private Jonas Brothers Concert at the Roxy that I mentioned before. When I say we were close to the stage, I'm talking about leaning up against it - Kiyomi had her Shirley Temple parked there before the security guy removed it. And then - omigod Kevin and Joe leaned over and touched their hands. Kiyomi swears she'll never wash that hand again, which is already getting a little scary after the pizza, chicken wings and Ring Pop she had today. (Note: If you see her you might want to do more of a fist-bump rather than a full-on handshake.)

I once again witnessed Kira working the security guys down front like she did at the last concert we took her to, which is alarming. There were two of them, talking and laughing with her, and I was getting ready to move in if I heard them say the words, "I'm with the band." Kiyomi scored a guitar pick from some guy, as well. Rigel and I have decided that from now on the only concerts they'll be allowed to attend are those where the security guys are really old gay men.

Evacuated Rigel's dad from the Sylmar fire. If you've been watching the news, you know that we have more than a few fires going on here in Southern California. Rigel picked up his dad at around 2am, and said he saw palm trees on fire a block away from his house. We're sad for everyone who lost their homes - there is so much devastation. We're more than a few miles away from the fire, but our eyes are stinging and the air smells like smoke. There was an earthquake in Filmore, too, and now they're warning of blackouts. I'm preparing for locusts next, or crop circles on our front lawn.

Today, Saturday, was blissfully uneventful. It's 10:15 pm and we're starting to talk about what to have for dinner, Kiyomi is still in her pajamas and I just had a double cappuccino at 8:30. Like I said, a totally normal day.

(Remember, you can watch the Jonas Brother's concert here on line at 3pm est. You might see us.)

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  1. Wow. You had a big day. Finally got a hold of your SIL late last night. I am glad you are all safe. A couple of the girls up here were asking who you were interviewing next or seeing (whatever), I said, "Ummm I think the Jonas brothers?" And I quote, "imone-Say," "Noooo way!" Oh to be a part of that next generation with younger ones or rather ones forced to live in that 24/7 Mouse world. My daughter would totally shake Kiyomi's hands or perhaps just really examine it thoroughly. Take care.

  2. What? No crowd surfing?

  3. Excellent for you and the girls, Jonas Brothers are so fun. I'm glad everyone is safe from the fires, the smoke was unbearable here.

    Great to see you Thursday night. Big news after you left Tracey got booked for Oprah... Seriously!
    See you at BOLT~

  4. Um, so those security guards? So creepy. I think it should be a requirement that all security at tween-girl-oriented concerts be old gay guys.

    I gotta say, this is one aspect of NOT having girls that I'm not so sure I'll miss. There will be plenty to deal with when I have tween and teen boys, but at least it won't be that. Or going to said concerts, because, sorry, not such a fan.

    If you'll forgive me for that, and you'd like to play, I've tagged you:

  5. Oh yes, its nice to know other people get the "wow, you are a chump -- you spend hours writing and you get nothing? That's a choice? I'm sure that experience will come in handy when you apply for that burger slinging position at McDonald's."

    Thank you for that...

  6. Wow, I love Paz Vega and my daughter is nuts for the Jonas Brothers, what a cool day you had!

    Also ever since my daughter and hubby bought me a gorgeous diamond necklace from for my birthday last month, I took my daughter to a Jonas Brothers concert and she had the time of her life.

    She's in love with all of them, she was jealous you got to go!

  7. I don't know who the Jonas Brothers are but they look adorable.

    Shirley Temple I know though but I didn't know she was still on stage. Good for her.

  8. why have we never met in real life?! WHY I ASK YOU?!?!?


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