Monday, February 28, 2011

Riding on the Metro

Last Thursday night Rigel and I had tickets to see Rock Of Ages (which was fantastic by the way) at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. Our plans included pre-theater drinks and revelry with his boss and co-workers, which means a REAL night out, not the kind where I throw on a parka over my sweats and go to the grocery store to buy cat food at 11pm just so I can say I left the house. Although, that one time it did turn into kind of a party when that toothless started singing "Ring My Bell" to me over in the bread aisle.

Because Kira had an after-school rehearsal in Hollywood that day and because there were nightmare pre-Oscar traffic conditions in the entire area, we had to come up with a crazy plan to get her back home and get me back to Hollywood in time for the show. You'll be relieved to hear we didn't go with my idea that involved some large sums of money and me disguising myself as an extra-large pizza getting delivered to the Pantages. Although I definitely think I'll find another use for this pepperoni costume that I made out of felt.

Because Rigel is a true visionary, he came up with the idea for me to take the Metro back into Hollywood, since it stops right across the street from the theater. And thus the bizarre, insane, never-before-thought-of plan for me to ride the subway came into being. I KNOW! It's like asking me to take a rocket to Mars! Or walk the grueling three blocks to the mailbox.

I'd only taken the Metro once before as part of an event marking the opening of a new station, so this would be my first ride that didn't end with free balloons and a buffet of chicken wings and cocktail wieners.

And I have to say it was a revelation.

Who knew there was this fast, shiny thing that could get you to Hollywood in less than fifteen minutes and only cost $1.50? That stopped in clean, well-lit stations that had big signs so you couldn't get lost? And that was not scary at all unless you count the guy with the hoodie pulled way over his face talking to himself and holding what looked like a gun case but was probably really just a flute.

I'm Metro all the way now, baby.

All night I couldn't stop talking about how great the Metro was! How quick I got to Hollywood! How much money I was going to save on gas! (I should apologize to Rigel's co-workers - that conversation about Libya was fascinating, but holy crap did you know we had an underground train thing right here in LA?)

And I thought riding on the Metro were just lyrics to a song by Berlin.

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  1. I love this Marsha. I wish there were more metro stations closer to my place. I've made so many plans to take the metro to meet friends only to discover I had to drive miles and miles to get to a station.

    Still, this makes me curious to give it a try!


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