Wednesday, February 09, 2011

My Gang Of New York, Part III: Meeting Jimmy Fallon & MetroDad On The Same Day!

One of the great things about traveling to far-flung, exotic locales is you might come face-to-face with mythical lifeforms. Here of course I'm talking about New York, and getting to meet the infamous MetroDad. Oh, and Jimmy Fallon, too.

I've been reading MetroDad for years so I was looking forward to meeting him in person. And talk about mythical lifeforms - an Asian blogger! Although it did cross my mind that maybe Pierre (aka MetroDad) didn't actually exist. Let's face it, this is the internet and he could actually be some really prolific, French 14-year-old.

But as you can see, he wasn't! Here's a picture I took of Pierre and his friend Jim, who is a producer on the show. Kiyomi is eating a red velvet cupcake she stole from a table in the hallway. That cupcake probably cost the show $45.

Pierre took time out of his busy schedule to meet us at Rockefeller Center, where his friend Jim most generously took us on a tour of Jimmy Fallon's studio. This was the moment Kiyomi put "Be an intern for Jimmy Fallon" at the top of her bucket list. Which, if you've ever seen a 12-year-old's bucket list, is pretty impressive since it beat out things like, 'Get txt mssg from Daniel Radcliffe' and 'Buy pony.'

Ashton Kutcher was a guest on the show that night, and here are the girls outside of his dressing room plotting to rush in and steal his underwear. Next door was where The Roots were rehearsing and Rigel was plotting to rush in and join the band.

We not only met Jimmy, but he invited us onto the set to take some pictures. Kira and Kiyomi have had a huge crush on Jimmy for awhile, so this was pretty mind-blowing for them. Kiyomi was a little bitter that she didn't get to sit in the seat closest to him, but she made up for it when, as we were leaving and Jimmy went to shake her hand she said, "Hey, no HUG?" and went in for a big embrace. Sure, they called for security but it was a moment to remember.

Here's where Jimmy told us to, "Look serious" and "Now laugh like crazy" which is what we're doing in these photos in case you couldn't tell. Hey, no one said we were actors.

A big THANK YOU to Pierre, Jim and Jimmy Fallon for putting up this family of tourists from L.A. and making our day. Sorry if we said 'like' way too much and kept complaining about the weather.

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Next Up: My Gang Of New York, Part IV: We Ate Stuff

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  1. Puh-lease, woman! Pleasure was all mine. So great to hang with you, Rigel and the girls. I truly believe that both Kira and Kiyomi are going to get booked on Fallon's show as guests one day. Their awesomeness is overwhelming. Big ups to you and Rigel for being such amazing parents. You're my Yodas!

  2. Look at you all fancy with the movers and shakers of the world. I mean, Metro Dad? Live and in person? You've totally made the big time.

    (And that Jimmy fellow seems interesting too.)

  3. MetroDad: Sure hope the girls get booked on Fallon someday, get rich and are able to support their parents. This blogging thing pays crap.

  4. Mom101: Of course, can't wait to add you to my 'Movers & Shakers I've Met' list.

    Just a warning: I'm going to BlogHer this year and I'm making a beeline for your hotel.

  5. Well, while getting to meet Jimmy Fallon is cool, you know I'm not gonna be impressed after my years at Carson Tonight. But OMG! You met MetroDad! So jealous!

  6. Maddie Riley3/09/2011 5:32 AM

    I look on this blog often as my daughter got the link from Aldebaran. I was her moms friend. I just had to say that Kira in the pictures with Jimmy Fallon looks the image of her grandmother Catherine when I first knew her.
    I enjoyed looking at them. MADELEINE


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