Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter And The Deathly School-Night Movie

I know that's not the title of the movie. Although, for all I know it could be called 'Harry Potter And The New Moon' or even 'When Harry Potter Met Sally.' That's because I'm not a big Harry Potter fan - haven't read the books and only saw one of the movies and not even sure which one it was. The third one? Or was it the twenty-seventh? All I know is that one of them is a wizard.

Which makes it all the more bizarre that I'll be going to opening night of 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows' at MIDNIGHT TONIGHT. Even more strange – I paid for the tickets.

And wait, even STRANGER STILL - I'm going to see a movie where it's possible that one or more of the characters will be in a period costume and whose plot doesn't feature a romantic relationship between two endearingly quirky modern-day city-dwelling adults who find friendship, then love, over cups of steaming cappuccinos.

The things we do for our children.

Kiyomi became a huge Harry Potter fan over the summer. She read all of the books in three consecutive weeks, and after that it's all she's talked about. The books, the movies, some odd online-only production called The Harry Potter Musical – Harry gets more attention than her homework, our cat and Rigel and I combined. The only thing that gets more attention than Harry is her Facebook page, although a great deal of her postings have to do with the boy wizard and his fabulousness. Things like, "OMG HARRY POTTER IS THE SHIZ."

So of course when she became aware that you could head to the movies at midnight and be one of the first rabid, costumed, obsessed fans to see 'Deathly Hallows', she begged me to take her and a friend. And me, not ever being able to say no to a crazy, once-in-a-lifetime pop-culture event, I said yes. Besides being concerned about being able to sit through a movie that I'm not really interested in seeing, I'm worried about taking two twelve-year-olds to a movie on a school night that probably won't end until nearly 3am. (Kira's coming too, but being a teenager, staying up until all hours of the night is now second nature.)

The understanding between me and her friend's mom is that we'll see how they're doing in the morning when their 7am school wake-up time rolls around, but we aren't against letting them miss their first period. God I hope none of their teachers are reading this. If you are, we promise to make the girls write 300-page essays on 'The Deathly Hallows and Their Relation To Historical Deities.'

Am I crazy? Probably, but chances are she's going to remember this night forever, and isn't that what life's all about?

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  1. It was a pretty good movie, certainly covered most of the highlights and major elements of the first half of the book. but then again for those who are looking for book accuracy, you're not gonna get it. think OOTP movie but with a bit more faithfulness (only a bit

  2. My Favorite out of all the Movies, the actors where impeccable! I have no complaints with the part one..waiting for the other part...

  3. I;ve heard to not take kids b/c there is a dream scene Harry has about him and Hermione snoggin' that right?

  4. *cough* I may or may not have taken my child to HARRY POTTER WORLD this summer, in Orlando, in AUGUST. I may or may not have gone to Ollivanders wand shop and had wands that chose 1 Adult and 2 children in our party, leaving the unimpressed adult to explain "YOU WANT ME TO PAY HOW MUCH FOR SOME WANDS??"

    We saw it yesterday, In Imax. I wore my Ravenclaw shirt. She wore her Gryffindor shirt. We loved it.

    Yeah, there is a bit of snogging in the scene where Ron kills the horcrux, but it is more about his worst fears being realized.

  5. Btw, it's "A Very Potter Musical", not "The Harry Potter Musical".


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