Thursday, October 21, 2010

My cat wrote this post

Well, my cat didn't really write this, but it reminds me of something he might write if he could figure out what to do with the keyboard besides sit on it. I think I kind of felt like him when I was writing it – sleepy, confused and when I was done I just wanted to lay on the couch and wait for someone to come scratch me.

In short, this is just a mash-up of different things in no particular order. I hope it doesn't make you want to cough up a hairball.

• Last Saturday I was invited to a performance of Peter Pan at the Orange County Performing Arts Center. I loved it and I'm going to post a full review soon, but I just wanted to share one of the more exciting events of the evening: Kiyomi dropped her iPhone in the toilet at the theater. It wasn't a new one - I gave her my old 2G - but was tragic nonetheless. All the advice on the internet said to bury it in some uncooked rice for a few days to draw out all the moisture, which I did but it didn't work. Having a dead iPhone is sad, but as an Asian the most painful part was seeing all that good rice go to waste.

• There's still time to Do Something. And by that I mean by leaving a comment on my Texting & Driving post or any of these posts that are part of the LG TextEd BlogHer Engagement Program, 5¢ will be donated to This weeks topic is Teens and Sexting – I know it's scary but it'll be happening before you know it. Soon your kids are going to want to kiss someone besides you.

• I wrote on Facebook recently about seeing a man at the post office who I thought was naked from the waist down, only to realize he was wearing flesh-colored leggings. As if this wasn't alarming enough, a few days later my senses were assaulted again by another legging-attired male. Now I come to find out there's actually a name for them – wait for itMEGGINGS, and they're coming to a post office, park, school and construction site near you. I'm hoping this trend goes the way of the man-purse. Although, if you're a man wearing those meggings you're going to need somewhere to put your wallet.

• Speaking of cats, mine still doesn't know how to bury his poop, but he does have a new trick. If you're using the bathroom, he will wander in and try to flush the toilet. It's kind of cute and creepy at the same time.

• Still speaking of cats, Rigel sent me this video before he even knew my post was featuring cats. It's like he can read my mind! Right now I'm concentrating on him never wearing meggings.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. That cat of yours needs an agent.

  2. I too dropped my iPhone in the toilet. I dried it off with a towel, and it worked like2-3 days later... I guess when it all dried out. But if it's been a week, I'm not sure if you will ever get it back. Also Apple has ways to tell that it got dropped in water, so we can't go into the store & say... "My iPhone just stopped working & I have no idea why... May I please have another?" lol. bastards. GOOD LUCK!!!!

  3. Jessica – Yes, I have a friend that tried the "My iPhone mysteriously stopped working..." line and the tech whipped out a flashlight and looked into the headphone jack. Apparently there's a sensor (supposedly similar to a pregnancy test!) that changes color. Damn those Apple geniuses.

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