Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Parenthood is awesome

Don't worry -- this isn't going to be one of those sappy posts where I yammer on and on about the joys of having children, about how I've loved every minute of it from hearing their sweet giggles to changing soggy diapers to scraping dried oatmeal off of my forehead.

No, I'm talking about my new favorite show, "Parenthood." Not that being a parent isn't awesome, although I don't understand anyone who says they actually enjoy changing diapers. Perhaps they're referring to the bonding moments that take place during this intimate time, or the symbolic nature of the act? I tend to think they're just lying liars. Although I have to admit just thinking about the oatmeal makes me tear up a little.

In case you haven't had a chance to catch the show, it's on Tuesday nights at 10pm on NBC. No I'm not being paid to write this -- I'm just excited that there's something on TV that I actually look forward to watching. Rigel hasn't come on board yet -- it's definitely more in the 'chick flick' genre -- but he does find it slightly more palatable than my other fave, "Hoarders." Notice I said slightly.

But Kira and Kiyomi love it and watch it with me, even though they said they were grossed out by a recent episode that showed, "old people having sex." That old person would be one of the main characters played by Peter Krause, that hottie ancient relic in his mid-forties. Funny, I wasn't grossed out in the least bit by seeing him naked from the waist up.

I've become a huge fan of "Parenthood,"and if I'm not careful I think I could turn into one of those crazy people that starts to exhibit strange groupie behavior. That's right -- if you catch me peppering my speech with quotes from the show and wearing an oversized Parenthood sweatshirt that I've bedazzled myself -- it might be time to step in and stage an intervention.

Just don't do it on Tuesday night.

Here's a a preview of tonight's episode. If you like it I can make us matching sweatshirts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. We're all crazy about this show, too. A shame NBC has it up against The Good Wife - TGFDVR!

  2. If you're making, I want a bedazzled sweatshirt, too! Watching this show has become weeknight date night for me and my husband. I waver between being excited to see myself on the screen, and being thankful that that's not me on the screen. And wishing I had that dragonfly door knocker.

  3. I looove this show too! So good :)

  4. Love it too! And the first time I've been able to stand Dax Shepard (sorry Dax.)

    Save me a sweatshirt!


  5. Yes! Definitely a new fave for me too. Solid cast (yes, even Crosby! - me too as first-time liking him); good plot lines and characters.

    Also (amazingly for NBC), it repeats on the weekend, so if you miss it on Tues, all is not lost :-)

    Save a sweatshirt for me too??

  6. I'm really liking it, too! But even my DVR can't handle the Tuesday night line-up of Glee/Lost/Good Wife/Parenthood. Glee & Lost always run over. NBC, if you're listening, could you please move Parenthood to Wed.? Thanks!

  7. I love this show, too! I was waiting for Krause and Graham to land in another show and the fact that they're together is just a bonus. And no...I don't mind seeing Krause half naked. Not at all.

  8. I love this show! At first I kept thinking of Krause a la Six Feet Under, and his wife annoyed me, but I really like her now.

  9. I love this show too. It is very easy to relate to. It feels like more realistic portrayal of family life than most shows and it has a lot of heart. It also appeals to me as a parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome.

  10. This show is quite exciting . I watch it everytime . I just love it as I am just a dad to a new born kid . Thanks for sharing .

  11. real parenthood is a struggle; I so appreciate a show about it

    I love babysitting but I love that I hand the children back at the end (that sounds worse than I mean for it to).

    NBC has great shows; the office is one of my favorites alongside the biggest loser

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