Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Self-Promotion Is The New Black

My apologies if I haven't visited your blog in awhile, or left one of my rambling comments, or haven't dropped you an email complaining about how your sidebar isn't centered. I've been pretty busy, and this is the reason:

I'm one of the bloggers on FameCrawler, the new celebrity gossip site on It's tons of fun, but I've spent so much time trolling celebrity and gossip websites that I've shaved my head, stopped wearing panties and drink until I pass out in my car.

(But I'm going to lock myself in my office this weekend, catch up on all my blog reading and then send all of you gift baskets to make up for it.)

So come by and visit, and read some of my posts. You might learn something new about David Hasselhoff, or get an advance look at Tom Cruise's next child, or see why Jennifer Aniston bought a stuffed animal that cost as much as my dishwasher. Aren't you just a little curious?


Then, if you're still not sick of me, hop on over to my other blog, Views From The Pants, where I write about school cafeterias. You'll see why, while most people think of them as black holes of empty carbs and sugary evils, I think they could really be the Fountain Of Youth.

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  1. Loved the school cafeteria post!
    Can't wait to go check out that stuffed animal...

  2. Dammit! Now I have another hilarious and well-written blog to keep up with.

    Off to read Views From the Pants!

  3. Woman! How do you have time to do all these things? You make my head spins, but at least I have some other places to read stuff from you!

  4. How in the hell do you find time to write for three blogs??? Egads I can barely keep up with one and brush my teeth all in one day. Of course I just made another 'Favorite' to visit daily.

  5. Stars are insane. They have way too much money to blow.

    Have you seen the Needless Markup's Christmas gift book? It has Jets and $10,000 sunglasses and other insane stuff. It's ended up online a few times, but really it's a crack up too see it.

  6. i think we can officially say that i am now a groupie. . .

    i'm going to make t-shirts with a pair of sweatpants on them that say "get with the pants!"

    actually -- that's not a bad idea -- i'll sell it you for a million dollars -- or a really good gift basket.

  7. I have a cafeteria story up too, its amazing how many stories the cafeteria conjurs up!

  8. Oh God, don't go anywhere near Camel - not only is the Sidebar not centered, it's trying to take over the page!

    But good to hear that you've only shaved your head but if I see you shamelessly promoting your next album by forgetting the words to your old songs... there's gonna be words!

  9. So when you send my gift basket make sure it has some spare diapers...and maybe a bottle of tequila to get me to sleep!
    Loving the new blog, gotta add it to my sidebar! (Which is probably not centered either...)

  10. That TomKat baby is going to give me nightmares...

  11. OK, OK but it's not like I actually LIKE reading celebrity gossip or keep up with it or anything like that.

    Pssst...what do you think about the Nicole Richie pregnancy rumors?

  12. Checked out FameCrawler... LOVED it... and have just added it to my bookmarks.

    P.S. I'm totally with you on keeping self-promotion sensibly chic.

  13. "Dammit! Now I have another hilarious and well-written blog to keep up with."

    AMEN! Damn your witty writing and funny antics. :) Congrats!!!!

  14. You got me with the Aniston tease. $300? Were they life-sized at least?

    Can't wait for my gift basket btw. Yum.

  15. Love you, but think celeb gossip is an utter bore. I just can't make myself care.

  16. Looking forward to checking out your new digs!

    Sounds fun!


  17. I've visted that blog. AND YOU ARE HYSTERICAL. The blog is pretty freaking funny.

  18. I am ashamedly fixated on celebrity gossip. And I love every minute of my fix.

  19. Hey! I've started going without panties too!

    Must be a gossip-blogger thing.


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