Monday, June 04, 2007

The L.A. Blogger Party: We Laughed, We Cried, We Hugged Awkwardly.

Saturday night was the big L.A. Blogger Party organized by L.A. Daddy. Rigel was brave enough to accompany me, and was happy to see there were some non-bloggers there to commiserate with. I think they formed their very own focus group there called, "What's The Big Goddamned Deal About Blogging Anyways?" I could see them all over in the corner, knocking back beers and pounding their fists on the table.

Seeing as I've never been to BlogHer, this was my first official blogger-meetup and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Would it be like a regular party, except with people calling each other by their URLs instead of their names and speaking in HTML code? Would it be like a playdate, except with drunk grownups and better food?

Well, it was a little of both. After three margaritas, here's what I remember:

L.A. Daddy giving me excellent tech advice ("Blogger is evil! Get out now!") and some highly illegal-sounding search-engine tips that will probably land him in Folsom in a few years. Don't worry Tim - we'll bake you a cake with a laptop inside so you can blog from the big house.

L.A. Mommy holding court in the kitchen. L.A. Daddy's getting most of the props for the party, but we all know that if there's more than a kegger and a bowl of M&Ms being served, there had to be a woman involved.

• Dishing on growing up in the 'hood with Stefanie of Baby On Bored. And then squealing like schoolgirls as we reminisced about Chemin de Fer jeans, jumpsuits and Kork-Ease platforms. We're going to get together soon and braid each other's hair.

• Talking about religion with Kevin Charnas, his partner, Will and LeahPeah. In between Hail Marys I gave Kevin grief about appearing so much more subdued than he does on his blog. I'm still convinced he had on a latex onesie underneath that sensible jacket. And Kevin and I both couldn't believe Leah was old enough to have an 18-year old, and figured she was holding back on some top-secret NASA anti-aging cream. I'm going to steal her moisturizer the next time I see her.

• Having an animated discussion with Whit and his wife, of Honea Express, Kim (House of Prince) and Jane (By Jane) about how to spend your time if you found out you only had an hour to live. Whit said he would "have sex for at least two minutes and then sleep for 45." The rest of us spent the remaining time trying to add 2 plus 45 and subtract it from 60 to find out how much time he had left to cuddle.

• A brief conversation with Rachel of Kitchen Fire. We chatted right next to the food table, and I think she could tell I was devising ways to stuff the rest of the cheese plate and a whole salami in my purse.

• Bumping into Down With Pants as we were both reaching for the hummus. I calmed down when I realized it was just the name of his blog and not a personal affront to me. He was big guy, but I was planning to tie his shoelaces together and run.

• Taking a picture with Suebob's Red Stapler. And I have to say, that stapler is mighty impressive in person. (Suebob, It was great meeting you, but holy crap woman could you make my arm look any bigger in that picture?)

I'm sorry if I left anybody out, but tequila will do that to you. Rigel caught me talking to the microwave ("You're hot. What's your URL?") so you get the picture.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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  1. I'm so jealous! LA Daddy's party was the one Saturday night out of the year that I had another engagement (yes, my life is pretty dull).

    So sorry I didn't get to meet you there!

  2. it was fabulous meeting you! let's get together sooner rather than later and go over other light subjects like world peace, the holocaust and female vs. male issues.

  3. Good times, good times. Your hubby is uber-cool, too. But you know that...

    Glad you could make it out. We had a blast. Actually, LA Mommy and I were surprised that the food that everyone brought all seemed to work out even though no one really talked about it. It wasn't just 48 bags of chips and a bottle of salsa.

    The next one is at your house :)

  4. I am envious. Sounds like a fun party filled with lots of terrific bloggers and some facinating conversations.

  5. Good times. Rigel was a real sport. Not only did he have to deal with us nerdy bloggers, but we were drunk nerdy bloggers. That must have been tough.

    It was great meeting you, and since we're now co-workers I assume we'll cross paths again.

    BTW, the correct answer was 13. 13 minutes to watch the plays of the day on Sportscenter and have a beer.

  6. What fun. Good cocktails + nerdy bloggers = my kind of party. Why not Blogher?

  7. Oh that looked like so much fun!!!

    For the record, I went over to SueBob's blog and checked out the pics...damn! You look great! Big arm? Ummm, I think not!
    Glad you had such a fun time.

  8. Damn. I've never wanted to NOT live on the banks of the rio grande so much in all my life. Jealous would be such an understatement here.

  9. Sounds like so much fun! We recently had a Philly blogger gathering, and seeing the faces and hearing the voices behind those awesome websites was too cool.

  10. i can't believe i now know what you look like! you've been unmasked! and now i know for a fact that you are hipper than me. . .i knew it!

  11. Very cool indeed. I saw the pics too. I can airbrush your arm. I do it to mine all the time. Just say the word and you'll be looking like Nicole Ritchie in no time.

    You guys look like you had a lot of fun. Add me to the way jealous group. Us Midwesterners must be party poopers. ~sighs~

  12. Delurking to tell you that LA bloggers are too cool - thanks for introducing me to some pretty good new reads - and that your arms do NOT look big - seriously!

  13. And let me tell ya, that thing gets HOT!! and rides up a little too. that's the exciting part though.

    Hey, I just wrote about the party as well and you didn't mention anything about Rigel's behavior...either you're used to it, or I remember things differently. Huh...

  14. congratulations on your famecrawler launch! i was in folsomm saturday (at the native animal zoo with my daughter + her cousin. it's fabulous. i forgot about the prison being there.
    (i'm blogging for drool.i.cious)

  15. Bloggers and tequila go together like peanut butter and jelly. Bossy is jealous too.

  16. I went and checked out your picture too. You are HOT seriously. And your arms are skinny, tiny little arms that don't look big enough to hold up that ENORMOUS stapler. :) Glad you had fun. A bunch of drunk bloggers? Sounds like my kind of party lady.

  17. Isn't fun meeting folks in person. Bloggers are such cool people. Are you coming to BlogHer in Chicago this year? Please say yes...

  18. I meant, Isn't it fun meeting folks in person?

    Geez, proof it before publishing!

  19. Damn, I'm pissed I missed it!

  20. I am insanely jealous.


  21. This is hands-down the best blog party recap I've ever read. And I'm not just buttering you up because of your big-ass muscles. ;-)

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