Sunday, March 04, 2007


If anyone deserves the title of Sweatpantsmom, it's this woman:
(You can read the whole article here.)

I can admit when I've been upstaged. I mean, while my sweatpants merely serve as a lazy-person's leg garment, this woman uses hers to bring a new life into the world.

My favorite part is where she says, "I didn't know what happened until he was in my pant leg." This made me laugh, mainly because I wasn't sure if she was referring to having the baby, or how she got pregnant.


In other exciting news, I have a snappy new header (you may have to refresh your browser to see it) and also added another column over there to the left. This is so that I can get those money-making ads on the right high up there on the page where everyone can see them. With all the extra money they'll be generating I hope to be able to buy some nice things, like a new kitchen sponge to replace the old one that I've been carefully washing and re-using for the last eight years. Also I'd like to be able to get the lock on the front door fixed so that Rigel can stop sleeping on the porch with one eye open wielding a crowbar.

Not that I'm trying to pressure you into clicking on those ads or anything like that.

Although it sure would be nice to be able to buy Kira that pencil she's been wanting - it's so hard to do long division with a piece of coal.

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  1. I not only laughed out loud at your commentary on the headline, I read it to Nate. And if you know how annoyed he gets when I say, "wait! You have to hear this from this blog I'm reading..." you'd know what a big deal that is.

    Lurve the new header. I may have to hire you...

  2. Don't you just hate these competitive women, always trying to have their babies in their sweatpants instead of in their blue jeans like the rest of us!

  3. Now that is good.

    Motherhood Uncensored

  4. You are upstaged, indeed.

    ...sending pencils and sponges...

  5. She gives a whole new meaning to sweatpants the new header by the way! You had me at the snappy strappy pump and the steaming hot dog visuals.

    p.s. I'm all for blog ads as long as they are not too obnoxious. I figure if I can pay for my website provider annual fee I'll break even. If I can buy a pack of sponges...bonus!

  6. Hey - nice header! (hope i'm not getting too fresh.)


  7. You have me laughing like a crazy person in my office...I heart you!
    Don't try to buy mechanical pencils, those will put you in more debt than anything! And don't get sponges with the scrubby on the other side...just more debt!

    Rigel on the porch? Eh, he'll be fine.

  8. Oooh....sponges. Such a frivolous existence you do lead! Love this!

  9. I came back to and clicked on the Google ads...those personalized pillowcases are really cute, although I don't know if I could bring myself to wear a matching night shirt. I keep thinking I need to buy my girls are this cute little frou frou stuff before they get too big and deem it "uncool." (which, unfortunately, seems to be at a younger and younger age)

  10. What's the first object? Is it a wrench? Nail clipper? I love it anyway! I see you like hot dogs! It's always amazing how a baby can be in a pant leg! Umm weird! i hope her sweatpants were fashionable at least!

  11. I am glad I am not the only person who uses my kitchen sponges until they have legs...
    Love the new header. It looks quite spiffy around here.

  12. You are all shiny and new here. It looks great!

  13. That is too funny. I hope she isn't saving those sweatpants (I'm sure Monica Lewinsky would.)

    Love your new look here!

  14. Lovely. You are cuckoo...I will click away so that your poor daughter has something to write with...I don't have to buy anything though, do I?


  15. Too funny! LOL

    I needed a good laugh on this terrible day I've had (meetings meetings and more meetings, and nothing going according to my plans for world domination).

    Here's to lots more sponges for you! And lots of pencils.

  16. Yipes! That takes the cake. And yes, she deserves the title of Sweatpants Mom above anyone else. But she seems like a pretty easygoing woman - I'm sure she won't mind. Plus, she probably doesn't have a blog. And if she does she'll be changing its current title to something like "I Give the Term 'Quickie' New Meaning."

  17. ok -- i've never given birth to a baby but i'm pretty sure that if i were in labor and giving birth to something i would know it before it dropped out of me and into my pants.

    am i crazy?

    and you deserve every 1/2 penny that you get from the ads. . .

  18. I have been trying to post for a couple of days now, but blogger has been hating on me!

    Don't you wonder about those "didn't know I was pregnant/in labor" women?

    I mean really - wtf?

  19. I heard about this from Mr. Flinger. But your version is MUCH better.

  20. thank god for lycra (registered trade mark).

  21. I dig the new look and I'll be click happy from now on. Poor Kira's hand must be all black by now using coals.


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