Friday, March 03, 2006

There are many things I could have done last night. Paid some bills. Cleaned out a closet. Written something intelligible for my blog, even. But instead, I chose to watch an entire hour of American Idol followed by another mind-sucking hour of Skating With Celebrities. Sure, I could say it was for Kira and Kiyomi, a real bonding time between mother and children, but the sad truth is I love that crap. Yes I do. So now all I have for you is this:

Introducing The Bob Costa-nettes.

My favorite quotes of the Winter Olympics came not from any of the TV announcers or athletes, but from my own children. Of course, there may have been some clever quips out there - I just didn't hear them because I was too busy fawning over my own progeny.

Kira (watching the clowns trotting out during the closing ceremonies): Omigod. They're a bunch of clowns. Literally.

and later that evening:

Kiyomi (obviously disapproving of Avril Lavigne's new glam look): You are DEAD TO ME!!! DEAD TO MEEEEE!!!!!

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  1. Ha, I know! I look back at all the hours of Bachelor, all the hours of Apprentice (both versions), all the hours of AI and Amazing Race and the Watch Danny Bonnaduce Self-Destruct Show.... and then I think: Oh my God. I haven't read a book in two months.

  2. I used that Church Sign Maker to make fun of my TV viewing needs -- "Must See TV... IN HELL" or "The Apprentice gets you fired... IN HELL." Great fun. But not as much fun as reading Kiyomi's reaction to Avril cleaning up.

  3. Your daughters are hilarious! I didn't watch the closing ceremonies so I missed the clowns and the new Avril. "Dead to me!"-ha!

    And last night, I watched Skating With Celebrities and cheered for Kristy Swanson, who I have to call Kristy Boner because of "Dude, Where's My Car?", and I am just that adolescent.

  4. Mwahaha. What lovely minds your girls have. :)

  5. Isn't it a treat when we hear our very own sense of humor/snarkiness emit from our lovely children? I feel so proud for you!

    And yes, they were Literally a bunch of clowns.

    Recently, I asked Emily if she liked a shirt in Gap and she said "I suppose it would do" in a completely bored and disaffected tone.

    Alas, she is filled with ennui.

  6. yeah, ditto dawn...holy Mini Me's.

    Imagine if kids got to do the announcing of televised events? I think it would make many shows a lot more entertaining. I'dve definitely watched more of the Olympics if they had.

  7. Avril has a new glam look?



  8. Your kids are my kind of kids. :)

  9. Them are some smart chillin's


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