Monday, October 31, 2005

I'm Drooling Just Thinking About It

Here are the items I will be covertly removing from the girls' halloween bags tonight and storing in my pillowcase for secret consumption:

- Whoppers
- Baby Ruth bars
- $10,000 bars
- Hershey's kisses, caramel only
- Wax lips
- Starbucks cards
- Money, bills only. (I let them keep the change 'cause I'm such a nice momma!)
- Meat products
- Tequila lollipops

Archive File: This Life

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  1. Just let them keep the syringes

  2. stealing candy from your kids? you are my kinda mom.

  3. Starbucks cards !!!!!!!!!! Meat products!!!!! - I'm comin' over to your neighborhood with my pillowcase and make the rounds a few times - man all we get are stale mini milkduds, and harikrishna brochures around our house-

    I love the meat products - man o'man!!!!!!!


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