Sunday, September 18, 2005

When They're Teenagers And Telling Me They Hate Me, I'll Pull This Out

Here it is! It took three cameras, a frantic cell phone call and around ten years off my life, but I got the picture!

Notice the menacing arms of the Disney security thugs visible on either side of the frame. They are ready for action in case my girls, with their superhero powers, attempt to mind-meld with Aly & AJ.

It's been so long since I've actually gotten FILM developed. I was very nervous, knowing that the fate of these precious photos, and of my girls' sanity, lay in the hands of a mere human. A mere human trained to mix up a soup of toxic chemicals, toss my disposable camera into it, spin around twice while reciting an ancient Mayan blessing and then magically pull some photos out of it with a pair of rubber tongs. I asked the clerk to make sure the technician laid off the crack that day, but then he pretended to smash my camera with his foot so I backed off.

I should get some SERIOUS mommy-karma points for this one.

Archive File: Offspring | This Life

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  1. MAJOR mommy-karma points...

    And if you make it to the teenage years before they tell you they hate you, let me know your secret.

  2. Well good luck with that. When the time comes for you to use this weapon, you will more than likely get the response of "Whatever!" and "What have you done for us lately! That was years ago!"

  3. Good Job!! It was worth it, huh. It came out great!


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