Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Villa Metro: Dream A Little Dream

Last week I got the chance to check out a brand new housing development called Villa Metro in Valencia. I'm not looking to buy a house at the moment – we're pretty much consumed with figuring out how to pay for college for my oldest daughter who will be graduating high school next year – but that doesn't mean we don't dream about making a move in the future, maybe after the kids have moved out. It's sort of like trying on a pair of Louboutins even though you know you're going to keep wearing your Chucks because they're easier to drive carpool in.

And Villa Metro is pretty dreamy, for sure. Consisting of 315 gorgeous contemporary Mediterranean-style homes, their goal is to create a small-town vibe and foster a community atmosphere. The most intriguing feature and the one that caught my attention are the live/work lofts – units that would allow you to live upstairs and have a retail space downstairs. I immediately starting dreaming of the coffee house I wanted to open someday, or a recording studio that our kids could run. Uh, after college, of course.

The units are all beautifully laid out and designed, with light playing an important factor. I took one look at this kitchen and immediately texted my husband to tell him to free up some funds – maybe college wasn't so important after all. Would it be so bad if my daughter became a barista? Free coffee!

There are currently three neighborhoods in Villa Metro: Aqua, Terra and Sol, and all reasonably priced from the low $300,000s. Even the largest home – plan 3 in the Sol development (and featuring the kitchen above) starts in the high $300,000. Pretty reasonable when you consider they are all detached houses, not condos, and all feature at least one backyard/patio area and two-car garages. Another big bonus: the Metrolink station is right across the street.

Here are two different views – one of the pool area, and one of wide open space and blue skies. (According to the developers, there will be no building on those hills to obstruct this view.) Along with the pool, there is also a gym and a large communal recreation center perfect for parties and gatherings. I'm not gonna lie – as I gazed out these windows I was putting together a guest list and a menu for our first party in our new Villa Metro home. (Shrimp skewers and sangria, in case you were wondering.)

This is a kitchen from the smallest home in the Aqua neighborhood. These units (around 1,081 square feet) are perfect 'starter' homes for new families. Gorgeous, isn't it? This is considered a 'bachelor' unit, although I can honestly say no bachelor I've ever met has a kitchen this elegant. (Also, the place didn't smell like old socks and Axe so it really threw me off.)

Each home can be customized to your liking, with different choices of cabinets, flooring and options like this built-in desk. By this point in our tour, I was already figuring out where my computer and printer would go, and how I would need to buy a new set of pots and pans to go in this kitchen. Suddenly we had a lot of free cash since we talked the girl out of going to college.

By the end of the tour I'd come to my senses and knew we wouldn't be buying one of these homes anytime soon, but I do know a few people who are in the market and I'm going to encourage them to have a look at Villa Metro. The good news is, I didn't touch the college fund. Although, my daughter did swoon pretty heavily over this bedroom and I told her maybe someday, it would be hers. A girl can dream, after all.

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Villa Metro is located at 21853 Soledad Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, CA 9135, on the north side of Soledad Canyon Road at the intersection of Gladding Way, just across from the Santa Clarita Metrolink station.

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