Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Now this is scary

Here it is, a mere ten days before Thanksgiving and I'm doing a post about Halloween. That means I'll get around to writing about Thanksgiving sometime around Christmas Eve, and then my Christmas post will go up sometime in June, 2010. Luckily you all come here for my excellent stock market tips and not for my punctuality.

As you know, I hate Halloween. I announced it on Facebook, Twittered it and yelled it at passing cars and then it found a way to come back and punish me for my curmudgeonly ways. Not only did I have to spend an eternity (and around five paychecks) getting all the pieces together for Kira's Fran Drescher costume (Kiyomi's was easy, an off-the-shelf McDonald's cup - score!), I somehow found myself hosting a Halloween party for the girls and their friends. It was torture, I tell you, kind of like a vegetarian having to host a steak cook-off or an atheist having to help throw a Christmas party. Oh wait - Rigel does that for me every year! No wonder he's so cranky around the holidays.

As usual, everything was saved for the very last minute. Those pumpkins up there were all carved the afternoon of the 31st and I was buying candy and party food at around 4pm. That meant only the really expensive candy was left - I really hate paying $65 for a bag of mini Prada chocolates. Also, that kind of frenzy leads to impulse buys, which is the reason I came home with goodie bags shaped like skulls, packs of tissue printed with candy corn, small bottles of bubbles with Frankenstein on them and cupcakes decorated with eyeballs. Here, in case you don't believe me:

Take a look at the food spread - I think I did pretty good for someone who hates Halloween. This photo was taken about an hour into the party, after four of the six pizzas we ordered were gone. Shocking, but those teenagers didn't like the strips of red pepper and sliced cucumbers I labored over! Those cupcakes were baked by Kira's friend, Sarah - after she brought hers over I was too embarrassed to put out my store-bought monstrosities with the eyeballs.

Just because I'm such a stick-in-the-mud, though, doesn't mean the rest of the family is. Here's some decorations that Rigel and the girls put up. Also note the 'Spells' table that Kiyomi worked so hard on - those are bottles of 'Invigoration Draught' and 'Love Potion.' In case you're wondering, that skull belonged to a kid from last Halloween who took TWO Laffy Taffies instead of ONE like I told him to.

Okay, I hate to admit - I actually had fun, and if it weren't for the exhausting costume prep I would probably have a much more cheery view of Halloween. So I told the girls that next year they have to come up with something that requires absolutely no buying, or ordering, or alterations, or hovering over wig displays. In other words, they'll be going as the half-Asian, teen and tween daughters of a mom who used to hate Halloween. Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. NorCal Sistah11/17/2009 12:30 PM

    Better late than never -- that's what I say. Good job -- you still retain the "#1 Mom" tiara!

    Love the decorations Rigel and the girls did. And, of course, your carved pumpkins are always top of the line.

    The most I did was put my halloween candy in an orange bowl which I'm sure made a huge impression on the tricker treaters as the were grabbing the candy.

  2. I have a pack of Christmas Swankies that are two years old. I can't bring myself to use them because they're so pretty. And full of harmful dye.

  3. Hi! I just found you from MamaPop, which I just found from Jen Lancaster's site, so is this a third degree of separation? Love the iPumpkin.

  4. I love the idea for next year's costumes. My son wanted to be a Jawa this year, and I thought "Oh, basically a burlap hood and tunic. I can handle that." It took me like three hours to make. (Plus of course I had to go to the fabric store! And clean the cobwebs off my twenty-year-old sewing machine.) Never again will I exhibit such hubris. Next year it's either a ghost or an early 21st cen Midwestern grade school child.

  5. How can you not love Halloween? Love your idea for next year though ;)


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