Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I just figured out what to do with the kids this summer

I took Kira and Kiyomi shopping the other day and figured out that in a few years I'll be flat broke and homeless. When someone asks me why I'm living in a tent on Wilshire boulevard and eating cat food with my weathered, blistered fingers, I can tell them how it's all because of a couple of pairs of leggings from American Apparel and that sequined tunic from Hot Topic.

Then I found this story about a girl who made her own prom dress out of coffee filters and my mind started racing. Why, with an entire summer stretching before us and a garage full of paper goods from Costco, I can get the girls to make their own back-to-school wardrobe! I can see it now - a few paper towels and a Swiffer cloth magically transforms into a chic miniskirt, and a box of dryer sheets and a couple of lunch sacks becomes that rad hoodie I refused to pay $58 dollars for. And turn them loose with a stack of foam plates and a pack of picnic napkins and the sky's the limit for the kinds of purses they'll turn out. Sure some people may call it 'cheap' but I call it saving the earth while saving my wallet and cleaning out my garage at the same time.

Wait till you see the plans I have for turning yesterday's yard clippings into tomorrow's dinner casserole.

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  1. Catty, much? Your post, dripping with sarcasm, looks down on the artistic and unique individuals out there who refuse to live by the status quo. I say, good for her! She was being creative, something the world's youth are sorely lacking these days. I bet the only thing your kids know how to make is a fuss about the new pair of skinny jeans they need from Hot Topic. Or, you know, sweat pants...

  2. Anonymous, you've totally missed the self-deprecating point of my post.

    Not sure where your sense of humor is, or your point of reference, but you're obviously not a parent of teens, desperately looking for ways to entertain them all summer.

    Did I mention you MISSED MY POINT?

  3. I *totally* got your point. :) I have been there myself.

  4. Holy moley - who crapped in anonymous' cheerios this morning.

    I saw it as more of an 'homage' to the dress than a tear-down.

    Lighten up!


  5. Please include my children in your money-saving craft activities this summer.

    My daughter will be in a non-uniform school for the first time in four years and I didn't realize blue jeans cost as much as a small car.

  6. you should have seen the costumes last year for the kid's summer play... all made out of tissue paper, packing tape and coffee filters. they were brilliant...truly inspired...until the kids were miked.

  7. Here are some more tips to save money this summer http://www.diyfather.com/content/money-saving-tips-for-dads-clothes

  8. How innovative of that teen. Good for her. And the dress actually looks pretty too. I'm going to go check out that news article {thanks for the link}. :)



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