Friday, February 20, 2009

I can get you a copy for free if you want one

This is old news now, but the interview I did with Paz Vega for Genlux way back when is on the newsstands now. In fact, it's been on the newsstands for awhile - it's probably been pushed to the back of the rack to make room for the five-thousand magazines that have cover stories on that woman who had eight babies and already has something like fifty other kids at home.

This interview stands out for me in that it was the only one I was late for. Usually I like to get to the restaurant at least twenty minutes beforehand so I can test out my tape recorders, have a sip of wine and stuff myself with bread so that I can pretend to be a dainty eater once the interviewee gets there. Then I'll order a salad, or some sort of dish that consists of a coin-sized piece of fish and a couple of strings of spinach, and then pick at it for a few minutes before I go, "Oh, I'm so full. You know, I haven't eaten that much since I was 12."

But this time it was a crazy day, and I ended up flying into the restaurant around 15 minutes behind schedule. Paz was already seated, so I introduced myself, clunked my behemoth, 95-pound purse down and proceeded to set up for the interview. Unfortunately one of the first things I did was pull my iPhone out of my purse, but not before I noticed that there was a huge hunk of half-eaten Cliff Bar clinging to the bottom. I'm not sure, but I hear that's the sure way to show you're a professional journalist - pull out an electronic device that has a large piece of half-eaten foot affixed to it. It sort of says, "I'm so busy and on the road, I have to text and snack at the same time."

One of my favorite parts of the interview is where she talks about her dad being a bullfighter. I could tell it was something she was really passionate about, but I was a little worried about putting it in my final piece - I envisioned some animal-rights peoples showing up at the Genlux offices and smearing their door with bull blood, or worse yet showing up at my house and yanking my hamburger right out of my hand. But kudos to the editors for keeping it in the interview - I just wish they had kept the part in where I explain how I took that hunk of Cliff Bar and, without wrapping it, slipped it right back into my purse.

You can read the entire article here, once you've finished reading all those other magazine articles about the octuplets.

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  1. That as a great interview -- she sounded like a really interesting person. I'm glad that you were able to keep the part about the bullfighting because I think that was something very important to her and very defining of her personally.

  2. Wow, that is an amazing interview! Excellent job!

  3. "Oh, I'm so full. You know, I haven't eaten that much since I was 12." made me laugh out loud. Thanks for that one.

    I know that this sounds stupid. I don't really care about autographs, but if you have an extra copy of that magazine lying about, I'd love it with your autograph.



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