Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Dita Von Teese and a Side of Brussel Sprouts

A few weeks ago I interviewed Dita Von Teese for the current issue of Genlux magazine. In case you aren't familiar with her, she's the burlesque dancer, pinup model and actress who has been the face of M•A•C Cosmetics for the past couple of years, and the designer of the next line of lingerie coming out from Wonderbra.

Oh yeah - and she used to be married to Marilyn Manson.

Unfortunately she wouldn't talk at all about Manson, wouldn't spill even one tiny tidbit for me to put into my interview. Although, off the record she did say that she didn't think it was him in this video. And I was kind of hoping the guy had actually gone bald.

I have to say it was one of the most enjoyable interviews I've done, and it would have been even if the magazine hadn't paid for an extremely nice lunch in a trendy upscale restaurant where I got to have a very expensive glass of wine. Von Teese was totally down to earth, candid, funny and pretty open about talking about all aspects of her life. Never mind the fact that she parties with Christian Loubitin (who regularly sends her shoes), hung out with Paolo Coelho at Cannes and can walk into Chanel and pick out whatever she wants - I felt like I was just hanging out chatting with one of my girlfriends. That is, if one of my girlfriends made $160,ooo for a single dance performance at a party in Russia.

While ordering our meal, we discovered we both dug brussels sprouts and decided to share a plate. I'm not lying when I say that that was the highlight of my month, sharing an order of cabbage-like vegetables with the Queen of Burlesque.

Hey, calm down - of course I don't expect you spend your hard-earned cash just to read my piddling words. You can read them here for free.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. I think she is gorgeous and love the new line of undies...

    I also just ordered a corset from a local designer that she apparently loves...had photos all over of her in the custom deal..

    check out www.laceembrace.com

  2. totally jealous. she's done good things for burlesque.

    and even made me find manson less than repulsive for a little while.

  3. She is SO pretty. And I am jealous you get to rub elbows with the rich and famous. WAIT! You're rich and famous too, aren't ya? :)

  4. Dang girl! Way to go. Love the cover.

    You lost me at the brussel sprouts part. Although I probably would have gagged one down with a slight turkey necking. That's cool right?

    ”uggth godth i thinkth i got a spwout lweaf on my tongueth." [gag gag]

  5. thank you for the Frou Frou plug! lucky you to have interviewed the lovely Dita!
    next time you can host your meetings in my shop (Faire Frou Frou)!!

  6. She is utterly perfect really, isn't she? Congrats on your interview :)

  7. When I come back in another life-time, I would like to come back as Dita. Minus the whole Marilyn incident.

  8. Look at you - sharing brussel sprouts and all. Very cool! Loved the article.


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