Friday, October 19, 2007

This Totally Blows.

marsha takeda morrisonI don't do product reviews on this website, but while doing one on my other blog I remembered that the product had another use, namely for making awesome bubbles. I Googled it and found the video below. I love it, mostly for it's soundtrack, which is a song by Joe Jacksonthat I had forgotten about. Note that the ingredients are probably the same ones used at most fraternity sex parties.

(There's sound, so you may want to turn your volume down.)

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  1. That would be so much fun to do at a park on a sunny day. Imagine how many new friends you'd make! That Joe Jackson album is a favorite in our house.

  2. Fraternities have sex parties???

  3. That is so cool. (Not the frat sex parties but the bubbles.)

  4. Love this!

    But I don't think I want to go to a party that has that much lube on hand.

  5. Um...that was me, above. Hit publish too quickly I think.

  6. Gee, I just ran out of surgical lubricant, darn it. I'd better run down to MSU's campus, see if the brothers of Sigma Chi have any I can borrow :)

  7. That is so great. (As is Joe Jackson, but I was kind of hoping the soundtrack was going to be "Different for Girls.")

    Last night we watched Knocked Up and the only redeeming scene was the one where Paul Rudd points out that kids love bubbles and that he wishes that he loved anything in life as much as his kids love bubbles.

  8. Fun...
    The bubbles that is...
    Not the frat sex parites...


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