Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Little Black Book of Style: Take Two Birkin Bags and Call Her In The Morning

I have a new review up over there on my other blog:

Don't let my current look fool you. I didn't always walk around in sweatpants, a faded Gap t-shirt and shoes that look like they were run over by a truck. You think I went out of the house without lipstick in my twenties? Back in the day I actually got my hair cut more than three times a year, had neatly pedicured toes and my belt freqently matched my shoes. I've got an Azzedine Alaia dress in my closet, an old Fendi bag on my shelf and even a Gaultier suit I had altered to fit. By a real tailor.

So what happened? Somewhere between then and now, I had kids. Plain and simple. Some people may say that's no excuse, but I beg to differ. Show me a woman who's style hasn't faltered since she's had kids, and I'll show you a woman who's got a full-time nanny and an assistant who irons her socks, I always say. Read more...

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  1. I was never a fashion whore (not implying that you were!) but I did have some sort of unique style. Today? I look like I have no mirrors in my house. If the shirt I'm wearing today has only one stain it is actually an improvement over yesterday! So sad.

  2. My style didn't change at all after having kids. My primary uniform before kids was jeans and t-shirts.

    My primary uniform now is jeans and t-shirts.

    Of course, I was a teenager when I became a mother so that prolly explains it, right?

  3. My style hasn't changed much either since having kids. unless you count the fact that i NEVER have new clothes now because the kids need new clothes more. And Before Kids I was a shopping clothes yeah, I guess my style has changed. :)

  4. I keep saying that I need to write a fashion guide for those of us with champagne taste and beer budgets, with tips on "working the spit up and snot stained T"

  5. great review... I think I'll look for it when it comes out at the local library when I'm looking for picture books for the baby, and easy read chapter books for big brother. Now that picture books for mommy (ie. fashion magazines) don't exactly inspire me cerebrally or fashionably anymore - what mother, other than Katie Holmes (and she can barely) or Victoria Beckham, can wear designer duds comfortably with kidlets? Unless they have an entourage?
    BTW, those are some very fashionable sweatpants, I must say...

  6. *wolf whistle*

    you have an Azzedine Alaia? holy smokes, lady. I'm falling apart over here with my ugly green envy monster barely contained.

    sweats/gap tee/squashed kicks aside, methinks you must be ridiculously haught. uh-huh. you heard me.


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