Saturday, December 09, 2006

This Is Where I Talk About My Refrigerator And Then Provide Links To Distract You.

It's been a plodding week over here. First Kira got sick, then I thought I was getting sick, then Rigel got sick, then I thought I was getting sick again then we woke up Friday morning to a huge puddle of water underneath our refrigerator. Never say I don't know how to have fun.

The repairman showed up to look at our refrigerator and told us it would cost $450 to fix. Seeing as we had just spent $400 on it a little over a year ago to fix a similar problem, we started discussing whether or not it was worth it to fix a twelve-year old appliance. This seemed to cause our repairman great distress, all this tossing around of big words like "money" and "fix" and "old" because he started sighing loudly, rolling his eyes and checking his cell phone. Finally he said, "While YOU TWO are TRYING to decide I'm going to go outside and smoke." Charming fellow!

Apparently he called his office to complain about us indecisive yuppie scum, because immediately the phone rang and when I answered it his supervisor launched into a whole sales pitch, trying to convince me that buying a new refrigerator would be a mistake, and we should fix our old one and he knew that if I went to the store I would (and I quote here) "buy a refrigerator with a TV in it, and in a few years that TV that you thought was so great would end up speaking French to you." I told him that his talents were obviously being wasted in appliance repair, that where he really belonged was as an ambassador to NATO.

But what really sealed the deal for me was this exchange that followed:

Me: Thank you, but we've really made up our mind not to fix it. We'll be buying a new –

Ambassador To Nato: Excuse me! Let me explain! I don't think you understand - your refrigerator is perfectly fine. The new ones are not made as well. You should let us fix your old one.

Me: Yes, I do understand but we've decided to –

Ambassador To Nato: Let me explain! Or, maybe you don't understand. Maybe I need to talk to your husband.

WWMD? (What Would Mom-101 Do?) Liz, I could have used a good feminist zinger to put this chauvinistic, appliance-fixing, French-TV-hating jerk in his place.

The upside of the whole ordeal is that I now have this beauty humming away in my kitchen.

Unfortunately, I had to cancel plans to have coffee with one of my favorite bloggers.


Some more links to distract you from the fact that this entire post consisted almost entirely of my conversation with an expert on refrigerator repair:

If you haven't already read this, go read it now. KC of Where's My Cape writes beautifully about growing up with racism and ethnic stereotypes.

Check out MetroDad's mailbag, where he gives advice on a variety of topics, including hiring a nanny: "During the interview, have your wife dial her cell phone and check her ring tone. If it plays "My Humps" or the theme song to "Scarface," don't hire her. There's a good chance your potential hiree is a wanna-be gangsta or an undercover skank."

I'm not even remotely crafty but I'm inexplicably intrigued by this project over at Wisdom Has Two Parts. It must have been the cheapskate in me picking up on the part where she mentions getting something for a quarter.


The best part of my week? I went to a great concert on Friday night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. what was your concert?

    damn, you didn't get a fridge with a t.v. in the door?

  2. But... where's the tv????

    When the sales guy told you he might have to talk to your husband - that would have been when I HUNG UP ON HIM and kicked his repair man out of my house.

    ... all while my husband stood back and watched and smirked.

  3. OhLawd. That confirms my long held suspicion, that appliance repairman REALLY are the devil. Oy. Love the new 'frig. Beautiful.

  4. I'm glad I read your post, since we were getting ready to get our fridge serviced. I think I will skip the psycho repairmen and head straight to the appliance store. Tis the season!


  5. This is very weird. Over here the repairmen all work for the company and on being presented with a misbehaving appliance tyhey will immediately shake their head sigh and set about trying to sell you a new one (with an extended warranty).

  6. You're just going to leave us there? Hanging? Wondering about the anonymous concert? C'mom, Sister Sledge!

  7. Eek, and now that you've put me on the spot, I have absolutely nothing witty to say whatsoever. This is why I'd fail miserably at standup. I'm only good on the rewrite.

    Okay...I'd probably have said something really wide-eyed with a huge smile about how my husband was currently in France visiting his family.

  8. What a lovely new fridge! And why is it that major appliance problems always occur during the holidays? Arrrghh!

    I think I would have been tempted to respond to the Ambassador to NATO guy, "You want to speak to my husband? Why she's right here!" Or something like that. What a tool, no pun intended.

  9. I would have been so angry at someone saying they should talk to my husband I would've asked him to repeat his request and then said "yeah I thought you would be dumb enough to repeat that. Just wanted to check" and ended the conversation with me getting his name, his boss' name and the owner of the company's name and quickly throwing the repair dude out of the house. Grrr does that shit piss me off.

    Also? Oooh pretty fridge.

  10. Nice fridge. What an ass. Both the repairman and his boss. You handled it much better than I would have.

  11. Beautiful new addition to the family! Screw the sexist pig! Jeeezzz...

  12. "The new ones are not made as well"

    And this guy is wasting his potential fixing major kitchen appliances?

    Honored to be a link. Thanks.

  13. Fridge looks fin, bet it can hold lots of alcohol. Sorry, I mean food.

    What I really want to know is if your fridge has already started speaking French to you?


  14. Hey! We have the same refrigerator (or as we like to call it, "the magic Diet Coke machine.")

  15. Yummy fridge. Did the fancy cake and all that fresh produce come with it?

  16. What a jerk. I keep wondering how people like that stay in business.

    And Mom-101 totally stole my reply (well, sort of-- I would have said "But my husband doesn't speak English nearly as well as he speaks his native French." Except the dude had probably already heard your husband talk enough to know that he spoke English perfectly well. But it's what I would have WANTED to say). But clearly, WWMD needs to be my new motto . . .

  17. oooooo...pretty! And it keeps stuff cold, too! So happy it was all resolved so quickly and while replacing a fridge just before Xmas is not good, at least you won't be seeing that telltale puddle on Christmas Eve!

  18. How come I never have dumb-ass repairmen say dumb-ass things to me so that I can blog it?

    Probably because I could never do it as funny as you do.

    Congratulations on the new fridge--you definitely made the right decision. And thanks for the link. I hope you try making the books--they are way easier than the instructions make them look. Then you can post pictures of your success for us!

  19. WWMD? I love that. I want your fridge. Maybe I should poor water under mine and tell hubby it's broken.

    I can't believe that guy tried to get you to fix it. Loser.

  20. I have that fridge and love it! Sounds like they were major scammers..
    Mary, mom to many

  21. Ok, I understand your Refridgerator Repairmen situation sucked, however I believe I may have topped it. K was out of town, our fridge quit, I called the repairman. Come to find out the switch has to be "on" in order for it to work. I actually played the role of the helpless female quite well, needless to say my repairman's eye-rolls were completely justified.

  22. a) a new fridge = right call. i did hear that a posh fridge is one of the only items it's wise to get a warrantee on (but that could have been a scam to make me, uh, buy one...)
    b) your tags. they are breathtaking. and thorough.

  23. "...that TV that you thought was so great would end up speaking French to you."

    I would love that because I'm trying to learn French! Would it teach me piano, too? Cuz I'm having about as much luck at that as at French.

  24. What a crack up, I would have loved to see how you disposed of the repairman's body. :)

  25. I think I like the "high fashion look" created by your refrigerator doors...

  26. Just found your blog. I thought your post was hilarious and here you were acting as though it was less than stellar. Can't wait to read some of the older posts.

    Very pretty fridge! Merry Christmas to you!

  27. Concert? What concert? Do tell...

  28. When I read of your plight, three words jumped to my lips: "Oh my God!" As one who also recently had a run-in with a sketchy fridge repairman, I know, Sister Sweatpants. I know.

  29. I hate rapairmen, and wish I could always find something witty and intelligent to say to them when they make me feel 2 inches tall!!! But then, they probably wouldn't get it anyway.

    Love the new fridge, and the icy cold water dispenser!


  30. Pretty, pretty fridge! Am so happy for you and envious too!

  31. Good call! You should list that repairmans phone number- we should all give him a call!

  32. Oh, he should have known the minute he uttered 'Maybe I need to talk to your husband.' that he was ohhhh so done.
    Good for you! Nothin' like a new fridge for Christmas, as long as it is stocked w/good wine and chocolate :)

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