Monday, October 23, 2006

This Little Scribe Of Mine.

Edited 10/24: Kiyomi regrets the omission of the Aries horoscope. She claims the error was because she wasn't able to finish the newsletter due to the unreasonably early bedtime imposed by her parents. Here is the missing forecast:

aries: you will be interested in animals.*
*Sweatpantsmom assumes no responsibility for any aberrant actions or risky behavior as a result of the above forecast.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Not to be outdone by her sister's popular AnimeKat Weekly, Kiyomi has come out with a newsletter of her own, the Weekly Bunny Moon. I know I'm partial, but the title alone is so cute it makes me want to cry.

Like Kira, she types it out on her Mac and then emails it to family and friends. (If Kira is feeling territorial at all she's not letting on, although I did catch her Googling 'creative domain' and 'sister is a copycat' the other day.) If this keeps up I may have the two of them just take over my blog - not only is their writing a thousand times more imaginative than mine, but they're cuter, younger and have smaller pores. In other words, they've got 'BOOK DEAL' written all over them.

Kiyomi does her own version of a horoscope, called 'future telling.' It's good news if you're a 'caper corn' (like me) since relaxing times are ahead. However, if you're a pisces, be prudent with your good times, and you geminis out there - unfortunately you're all vampires.
future telling for the week
cancer: you will have a sudden need for cookies

caper corn:
you will be resting good

you will have nightmares

you will be shy oftanly

you well look pretty

you will not look in the mirror

you will ware ribbons

you will have a great time

you will feel curious

you will be shocked

you will do great in your work

have fun but not enough

Enjoy your first free, introductory copy of Weekly Bunny Moon. Kiyomi has informed me that future issues are available by subscription only, at a cost of 12¢ or a box of Twizzlers.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  1. Yay for the new newsletter! It's fabulous. Now, how can I get my blog listed on her "sweet websites" list? I'm more than willing to pay a box of Twizzlers. :)

  2. How awesome is it that these girls have the itch to write and PUBLISH what they write? Are you ready to live in a house of journalists? I smell Pulitzer!

  3. THAT is beyond darling. I would write more, but I have a sudden need for cookies.

  4. I don't want nightmares for a week. Tell her I'll throw in a big box of Twizzlers and some sour jelly beans if she'll make mine better for next week.

  5. Put me in for a subscription. And yes it's true, I am shy oftanly.


  6. How did she know I will have a sudden need for cookies? I love her predictions already. One subscription, please. Oh, and send along some cookies. Thanks.

  7. She was right on target with mine, I am shy quite oftanly...I'm feeling, however, like a cancer.

  8. Just simply adorable!! She's going to break lots of hearts Mom! And so talented too.

  9. Alright, Twizzlers are on their way for a five year subscription. Even though she ruined my day with the nightmares prediction. Humph.

  10. I loved her "how to eat healthy this week"! And that she predicted that I will do great in my work. I wish my boys were interested in creating things like that, rather than just building Bionicles.

  11. Too adorable! Rock stars and now they are published writers! How do you keep up? I imagine it must be like cloud nine where you are right now...

  12. Off to read your talented daughter's newsletter and then to the store to buy some Twizzlers because I'm sure to be hooked.


  13. What on earth is "sagashite"? A really bad story?

    She was right about te sudden need for cookies though. Spooky.

  14. AnimeKat Weekly and Weekly Bunny Moon are two of the greatest periodicals I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Hilariously adorable stuff. As always, the girls continue to crack me up.

  15. Sign me up! (I will wear ribbons? What kind? In my hair? On my lapel? Please, someone, tell me more!)

  16. This is so great! As a Taurus I get two "future tellings". I had the nightmare last night, so maybe now I will look pretty. Can't wait!

  17. Score! Pisces!

    She's got it totally right for Pisces, by the way...we are sort of overinduldgers. Have fun, but not enough (for us) is really good advice.

    What talented girls you have!

  18. How adoreable is THAT?!?!

    Soon, she may be asking you to buy an ad in her newspaper...

  19. Your girls are so cute and creative. They could be the future Hilary and Haylie of publishing, only way cooler! Twizzlers should sign up as a major sponsor stat.

  20. Thank you so much for that smile! What an adorable post.

    "Caper corn." heee!

  21. That vampire comment just made me spit half-chewed bbq potato chips all over my computer screen which is absolutely gross.

    I am so impressed with your talented family. Even if Kiyomi does think I'm oftenly shy, which...well, not so much. Future telling might not be her forte. Good thing she has so many other skills to choose from.

  22. "you will do great in your work" - perfect! I was just offered to be a project manager on an important project at work, and I also had an excellent job interview at another agency where I would get my own office! Right on, Kiyomi!

    Oh, and "Weekly Bunny Moon"? SO. CUTE!

  23. Think one of the girls will give me a job? I'm not exactly qualified to tell the future, but I have no problem being a gopher and making copies or getting juice boxes.

  24. A sudden need for cookies...sweeeeet. Kiyomi can give me my future times any time.

  25. Ummm what about Aries? I need to know my horoscope. This is like the damn empty fortune cookie all over again.

    Amazingly creative girls.

  26. Kiyomi is dead on - "scorpio: you will feel curious".

    It's my birthday in a few days and I am curious....I want to know what my husband is getting me for my birthday!!!

    Cute girls, love your blog.

  27. Sign me up for the issue "The bizarro things my Mom told my sister about her body". As soon as Kira lets the cat
    (no pun intended) out of the bag about her interesting
    body functions, I know Kiyomi will be writing about them, and I can't wait.
    I"ll be sending the 12¢ AND the twizzlers. It's worth the
    double payment.

    Ya'll are way too funny for your own good.

    Aunty Maggie

  28. I could use to be shy oftanly!

  29. I DO feel curious. Curious as to why I have a sudden need for cookies and yet I am a Scorpio.

  30. I am shocked! Shocked to find out how shocked I am!

    I am seriously desirous of subscribing!!

  31. where should i fedex the twizzlers? i shall send a steady supple for a daily horoscope, i'm in desperate need of a daily guide!


    "The Weekly Bunny Moon"? so, so cute.

  33. You know I am, of course, partial to anything with "Bunny" in it, but I give AnimeKat points for originality. :)

  34. Bunny Moon is possibly THE cutest title for a newsletter. We have an expression (stolen shamelessly from children's auther Rosemary Rogers,I think her name is) whenvever we need to get away from it all or we've had a bad day, we say "You need a visit to the Bunny Planet".
    And now? I need me some COOKIES!

  35. Tell Kiyomi I am most grateful and can no move on with my life and go be interested in animals.

  36. verrrry accurate horoscope - as a sagittarius, i AM shocked by how accurate the prediction is. fantastic. now you'll have to buy another two computers!

  37. Your little girls are just too damn cute! LOL

  38. So sweet and innocent and full of pure childhood goodness.

    We need to figure out a way to bottle this essence and sprinkle it later on rebelling adolescents.

  39. Tell that little miss Kiyomi that I NEVER have enough fun.

  40. how does your head not explode from all the cuteness?

    I just bound a $2.7M account so her prediction was correct!(Aquarius)


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