Friday, April 15, 2005

Slumber Party Countdown: T-7 Days

Called parents of invited children (too lazy to send out invites.) All five are ok for attendance.

Ran into problem with one friend's dad who wanted to drop her off a whole four hours early. When I politely refused he started to get all up in my face, saying he really didn't want to have to pick her up from school, drive all the way home and then all the way back to drop her off at 6:00. Oh, I get it, we're hosting your kid for a whole seventeen hour playdate but you don't want to spend an extra thirty minutes in your car well SORRY TO INCONVENIENCE YOU DUDE. And then he asked me "Is she supposed to bring a gift?"

Kira just handed me the list of fourteen songs she wants on her Custom Birthday CD I'm making for all the girls as a party favor. In addition to custom 'Mew Mew Power' t-shirts and other assorted jewelry, hair accessories and candy. What ever happened to noisemakers and squirt guns?

Planned menu: Pizza, mac n' cheese, apples, chips, juice boxes, cake, hot cocoa, cookies, popcorn, vodka martinis, Advil, earplugs, tequila - oops, sorry, got carried away.

To do a craft, or not to do a craft? That is the question. Or just rent LOTS AND LOTS of videos?

Warned Rigel that under no circumstances is he to plan his ski trip for that weekend if he wants to live to see another slumber party. (Funny, he didn't seem too concerned. Must rethink future threats.)

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