Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kira, Finally A Blog Post Mommy Will Let You Read

The birthdays, they're coming fast and furious this month. Today is Kira's ninth birthday - Happy Birthday my love!

It's so hard to believe that it was a whole nine years ago today that you came into this crazy world. Your daddy and I, we didn't know nothin' bout birthin' no babies, so we had lots of false alarms in the couple of weeks before you were born. He would come home from work and I would be waddling my huge body around the living room - I was kind of like a big mommy Shrek, except twice as big and half as charming - and holding onto my back, swearing that I was having contractions and that he'd better get ready cause BABY'S COMIN' THROUGH. This went on for three weeks. It was a bit nerve wracking, I admit, and we were so anxious to bring you home and put you into your nursery that daddy had spent three days painting, into the crib that we took months researching before we bought, take you for rides in the stroller that we drove across three zip codes to buy because it was the right color, and start putting you in the teeny, tiny little clothes that mommy had washed by hand, twice. I hope you will discover for yourself someday the hysteria that comes before the birth of a firstborn child - I truly believe there was less preparation before the first moon landing.

I was going to the doctor constantly, and they were checking you with a special machine to make sure everything was okay, because by now you were a whole two weeks late, early proof that you were going to take after your daddy. All the nurses kept saying, "Lady, you are going to have a BIG baby - over eight pounds." We were not prepared for how right they were then, and how well OVER eight pounds you would actually be. Finally the doctor said, "She's not coming out on her own - we're going in after her!" and we set an appointment for April 13, 1996.

You came into this world at 8:20 in the evening, and the first thing I heard your daddy say was, "Omigod, honey, SHE'S HUGE!" because girl, you were a whole TEN POUNDS of pink, squirming, screaming baby. And you were so amazing - I noticed right away how crazy beautiful your eyes were - you had that same look you have now when you are immersed in your 'Mew Mew Power,' serious and intense and full of curiosity, that look that says, "This is interesting, so so interesting, and I will absorb all the knowledge you have and pack it into my HUGE BRAIN. LOOK OUT." And you have your daddy's dimples!

Those first few days and weeks were such an adventure for all of us. We couldn't believe we were parents, and that you were our little girl. We nicknamed you 'Peanut' and your daddy would call every few hours from work and say, "Peanut Check!" and I would tell him all the stories about all the amazing things you had done; pooped, eaten, burped, slept, pooped, eaten, burped, and slept some more. Can you believe, your daddy and I, we would spend HOURS just watching you sleep. I remember one night when we were all laying on the bed together, and you laughed for the first time, a real laugh that couldn't be mistaken for a burp or a gurgle and we almost fell off the bed, we though it was the most miraculous thing, and it was. We fell in love with you more every day.

You are such a talented artist - you'll be so embarrassed when you grow up and find out that your mommy has saved almost every scrap of paper on which you have put a pencil to, so all I can say is GET READY FOR SCRAPBOOKS. And all the PHOTOS - your daddy makes fun of all the pictures I take of you and your sister but it almost seems like the only way to hold onto these brief, wondrous moments that I know are going by way, way too fast, and I'm begging you, this growing up thing, MAKE IT STOP. I am SERIOUS about the 'No Piercings Until You're Thirteen' rule. And me and your daddy, we've been talking and think that twenty-one is an okay age for you to start dating. Daddy will come along, of course. With his baseball bat.

Kira, I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life, changed me, made me into a better person, made my life so much sweeter and clearer just by being in it. I am so proud of you, what an amazing little girl you are, what an extraordinary person you are growing up to be. I love your honesty, your sense of humor and your big, marsupial hugs. Happy Birthday My Sweet Girl!

I Beezlebub You Always,

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  1. That was beautiful! And I too remember that wonderful day that Kira entered our life. Grandma Cath and I drove down to LA to await the arrival of our new family member -- the first Grandchild, the first Niece in our family. We were smuggled into Marsha's hosital room by her Doctor so we could be the very first family members to see and hold her. What a wonderful moment in our lives -- she was so perfect (and still is). So I thank you -- Marsha and Rigel -- for bringing such sunshine into our lives and then for blessing us all again with Kiyomi. Happy 9th Birthday, Kira. Wish I could be there to celebrate the day with you -- you know that I will be there for the "family" birthday bash!
    Enjoy your day!
    Love, Auntie Aldeb

  2. wow - i'm all choked up now -

    Happy Birthday Kira !!!! -
    with all our love and lots of Hugs - 9 years old - the very BEST age to be of all the ages!!

    From Scott and Marianne in S.F.


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