Monday, April 04, 2005

This Whole Time, We Were Sorting W-2s
And Tallying Deductions

Yesterday we woke up, and it was one of those beautiful Sundays, the type of day you just have to get out in, much too nice to stay in and do taxes, which is what we had sworn upon a stack of bibles that we would do.

It was, however, a perfect day for the Getty!

And, besides, it's a whole two weeks until April 15th, and really, the girls have been so good, they deserve a nice weekend outing, and if there's one thing Rigel and I are experts at, it's procrastinating and then totally trying to justify it. So, off to the museum we went. (If you are our accountant reading this, please note that Rigel and I, while admiring the stunning landscape of the Getty gardens, did discuss possible home improvements which should be duly noted here as being tax related.)

At seven dollars for parking and no entrance fees, the Getty has got to be one of the best bargains in LA, except for the five dollar peanut butter and jelly sandwich and ten dollar Tandoori Picnic, but, hey, at what other family attraction can you even get a TANDOORI PICNIC? We spent the day strolling the gardens, having lunch overlooking LA, and sipping cappuccinos - call me a crazy broad but I'd say it was slightly more fun than digging through piles of receipts and trying to figure out a way to make "Pants from Target" a business expense .

We forgot the camera, so I took these pictures with The Camera Phone That I Forced Rigel To Buy Me (I TOLD you it would come in handy some day, dangnabit!) I even took a twelve-second movie of the girls gleefully rolling down a grassy hill with The Camera Phone That I Forced Rigel To Buy Me, but unfortunately the only audio you can hear is me saying, "Watch out! Watch out! Watch out!" as Kiyomi veered dangerously close to a steel retaining wall.

Oh, and we didn't do our taxes when we got home, either, as we had sworn upon that other stack of bibles that we would do, because there was this great documentary on tv...

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