Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy Birthday From Your Dense Little Matter

It's my husband's birthday. Happy Birthday Rigel! Well, the Pope just had to go and have his funeral on your special day – go figure. I just want you to know that if I was in charge, they would be doing a live video feed of your birthday, complete with the singing of the birthday song, the slicing and serving of the birthday cake and the unabashed consumption of festive alcoholic beverages.

But I'm not, so I will just wish you a happy birthday here, and since you think that I already reveal way too much about our personal lives on this blog thing of mine, I won't embarrass you any further, but just want to post this little story:

Last week we were sitting on the couch watching TV, and Rigel mentioned that he felt like he had eaten too much, and I pointed out that it could possibly be the chocolate pudding he had just consumed. I think we had just watched a show on Nova the night before on string theory (I was lost - science! Hello!) so, knowing that a little physics humor always gets him going, I made a comment on how he probably had just ingested the "densest matter, ever, or whatever it's called," and he gave me one of those incredulous looks, a look that I have seen very often in our relationship, that say, "I am so sad - I am married to a woman with little or no working knowledge of the scientific world."

After he stopped laughing, so doubled over that I thought he would bring that chocolate pudding right up through his nose, he said, "I'm not aware of this DENSEST MATTER. Tell me about it." I tried to explain to him that I had seen it on an episode of Nova, sometime back, this explanation of the DENSEST MATTER EVER, to which he replied, through more chortling laughter, "And were you awake?" By now I was swatting at him, and, I swore, although laughing so hard that I was crying now, that I was going to show him, I was going to Google 'DENSEST MATTERR EVER' and prove my point.

For days now, we have been referring to everything as the DENSEST MATTER EVER. "Do you want a bagel? I heard it's the DENSEST MATTER EVER" or "I'm going to clean the fish tank, because what's stuck in the filter here is the DENSEST MATTER EVER." Sadly, this is the kind of humor that gets us married people off.

But this is what I love about Rigel, about our relationship, that we can have the most absurd, dumbass conversation and get each other laughing so hard that we nearly have dessert substances coming up through our nostrils, and basically carry on like a couple of idiots and we still have fun, and this after being together nearly sixteen years. I feel so lucky that I get to hang out with this man everyday, even though he isn't fully aware of my Googling powers, and that he is the most loving father to our two girls. And just so that he doesn't start to think I'm goin' all soft on him, HERE IS A LINK FOR HIM TO CHECK OUT.

Scientists Report Hottest, Densest Matter Ever Observed

Happy Day Rigel! I hope you have the HOTTEST, DENSEST BIRTHDAY EVER. I love you like my laptop.

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  1. I checked the link out and I have to say, "It sound like pudding to me!" And at least you weren't saying that Rigel was the "densest matter" ever.

    Happy Birthday Bro!

    Love from your NorCal Sistah

  2. Now that was fuuuuunnnie!!!-

    ... I am married too and can relate to the wave of burning love that consumes we men in those moments of insane idiot humor -when your most significant of all significant others haplessly triggers with the simple utterance of a few casually misplaced words at that perfect moment, a bout of gut wrenchin' eye waterin' milk foamin out the nostrillo laughter. Love has never been sweeter.

    It is confirmed - you two were meant for each other and no matter how dense the matter is I doubt that it could tear you assunder - (even if it was the hottest densest matter in the universe!!!!!)

    Rigel - dude use your google !!!!-
    she busted you on this one...ouch!!!


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