Friday, April 15, 2005

Okay, Now Don't Call Us On Thursday Nights Between Nine And Ten O'Clock, Either

Refer to yesterdays post, 04.14.05

Insert "The Apprentice' in place of 'American Idol' wherever it appears.

Take out any mention of children, replace with 'Rigel' as responsible party and willing participant.

Pray for my eternally damned soul to be saved from the fiery flames of reality-show hell.

On that note, here are more unasked for opinions:

Guy Who Got Fired: It's the first time I've watched the entire show, but I'm glad he got FIRED. And what a crybaby! It's not like he got voted off 'American Idol' or anything!

Dark Haired Woman: You are SO fired.

Blonde Woman: It is dishonest, immoral and shameful to take credit for someone else's work. Unless of course you did it to the chick who deserves to be FIRED.

Guy Who Said 'I Was Taking A Nap' When Asked Why He Botched Presentation: Huh?

Guy With Bowtie: Get Rid Of Bowtie.

Archive File: TV Drone

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