Sunday, April 10, 2005

Funky Cold Medina

This is a photo of the dinosaur that got stolen along with my Honda. Rigel came across it today, while we were digging through files, preparing to send in our paperwork to our accountant so he could file our extension, and yes, we know we only have five days left, and yes he most definitely hates us and regrets taking on such loony, procrastinating artists as clients. You'd think he'd understand, I mean, HEY I'VE GOT A BLOG TO WRITE. But I will deliver a neat stack of documents to him tomorrow in person and then he will send us a bill for hundreds of dollars, which we will pay and then all will be forgiven. About the dinosaur - he was much cuter and lovable in person. I think they were after him and not the car.

Tonight I was looking around iTunes since I promised Kira I would try and find her a song from her new favorite show, 'Mew Mew Power.' They didn't have it (but lots of Celine Dion, people, lists and lists of CELINE DION, and lots of Green Day. Oh yes, LOTS of Green Day) so then I decided to download a couple of tunes for myself, you know, as sort of a reward for getting started on my taxes, since we procrastinators have lots of sick little tricks we play on ourselves, one of them being rewarding ourselves for things that most normal people would have gotten done months ago.

I'd had 'One Nation Under A Groove' by Parliament Funkadelic stuck in my craw for days now, ever since I heard a sample of it on the radio, so I decided to download it - but they didn't have that either. I plunged into a funk-less funk after finding that 'Atomic Dog' by George Clinton was only available on the soundtrack for 'Garfield The Movie,' yes, they had the soundtrack for GARFIELD THE MOVIE. See what I mean? Okay,I know these songs are old, but they've got Henry Mancini, for God's sake, and the soundtrack from 'Garfield The Movie,' and oh, did I mention all the CELINE DION you could download?

After realizing I wasn't gonna find anything by Parliament, Funkadelic, OR P-Funk All-Stars for that matter (what is up with that? Don't they know that George Clinton is the Granddaddy of Funk and has legions of followers called Funkateers?) I moved on to something else that had been going round and round in my little brain, a song by Ton Loc, and whatta ya know - THEY DIDN'T HAVE THAT EITHER. So I gave up, my credit card spared the whopping $2.97 I would have spent, but SOMEBODY PLEASE GET 'FUNKY COLD MEDINA' OUT OF MY HEAD.

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