Monday, April 18, 2005

Slumber Party Countdown: T-5 Days

Haven't done any more planning or preparing. In fact, am now hiding out in the Papal Conclave until after the party is over, unless they elect a Pope before then in which case I will have to leave. You can only bribe these cardinals for so long with homemade brownie bites, you know.

Oh look, there's Bono. They love Bono, these cardinals. Will ask him if he has any slumber party tips.

Oh, geez, now there's Brad Pitt. How'd he get in? He sure has gotten altruistic all of a sudden. I liked him better when he was married, before he started hanging out with that slut Angelina. Better not mention the slumber party or he'll be all over it, begging to come and all. I hate it when Brad gets needy.

Gotta run. We're not supposed to have any electronic devices in here, and my PowerBook is just screaming, "Hey, look at me!" In fact, I think Mahony just flashed me the bird. How un-Papal of him.

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