Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Thoughts In My Head That Crowd Out All The Reason.

I feel itchy.

Is it wrong to say I like this? Because I really like it.

'Julie from Denver, Adelphia customer service rep.'

Is it just me or is this guy begging for an ass-kicking?

Don't eat beans.


Well, some kind soul has taken pity on me and nominated my blog for 'Site Of The Week' over here. You can vote for me here. (Or not. It's not like it really matters if I win. I can just return all those 'Winner! Site Of The Week!' t-shirts I had made. Using my children's college money. And it's not as if the future of my marriage depends on whether I win or not. I'm sure Rigel was just joking. I mean, the half-packed suitcase on the bed must be just a coincidence. Did I mention I have a wooden leg? Oh, and I take in orphans! Yes, orphans, and puppies. And orphaned puppies. But again, no pressure!)

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  1. oooh...cuppycake gumdrops. now i like it too.

    can non-members vote too?

    if so i will vote for ya - are you buying dinner for everyone if you win?

  2. That blanket picture made me laugh out loud.

    "Did I mention I have a wooden leg?"

    Oh, you are too much fun. :)

  3. Anonymous: Anyone can vote. I believe you have to email your vote in, through the link on that page. Not that it matters. Gotta go sand my leg now.

  4. "I am your King. King Arthur."
    "Well I didn't vote for ya!"

    (but I did. I have loved this site since forevah.)

    the bedbugs thing- I was looking @ an acct htat was a discount furniture store (in northeast) and there has been some claims due to this - tho have only proven 1 or 2 cases. Yeah, they are good hitchhikers and it's hard to prove where they came (in this case, since it was a discount furniture chain, soem onf the homes they were going to...well, you get the idea. very chicken/egg scenario, however ther eis a way to determine.)

    Oh, you wnat to know who needs an more than an ass kicking? Like neds to have his manhood cut off..

    from the smoking gun (I just shortened the URL so yuo can link):


  5. Aww, I thought "cuppycake gumdrops" was cute!

    I have something similar to the "Slanket", since I am always freezing.

    And the link to the award site and the voting link led to an error message. Maybe we crashed their server trying to vote!

  6. All right, ya talked me into voting....really sweet about the orphans and puppies. But the t-shirt mention clenched the deal. I want one. ;)

  7. ok, i'm gonna be singing that snoogums song all day now.

  8. Yeah, he needs an ass kicking! So he'll hand over that slanket!

  9. I'm thinking about voting for you... and not just because you have a wooden leg or because you take in puppies. But if you took in orphaned puppies with wooden legs that would totally seal the deal and I could consider forgiving you for the Cuppycake Gumdrop link.

  10. If that Slanket guy isn't gay, then he's gonna be mighty suprised when he comes out.

    All I could think about in New York in November was the damn bedbuds they featured on the front of the New York Times..
    and I am off to vote for you.

  11. Glad that you visited!!! You are hilarious....
    I wonder if I can still vote? It's Sunday, but I'm trying anyway!


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