Friday, February 10, 2006

Does This Blog Make My Butt Look Big?

After only six hundred and seventy three hours spread out over the past year, I finally managed to re-design my blog. I had the following epiphanies:

1) HTML is not pronounced 'Hatemail'

2) I have a newfound respect for computer programmers, those wily, crafty, hot blooded geniuses.

3) I would never make it as a web designer.

4) Nobody but yourself will see the urgency and momentousness of re-designing your blog.

5) By the end of the process even you will begin to suffocate from the insignificance and narcissism of re-designing your blog.

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  1. Good for you! I badly need to do this. Ugh. Your new template looks awesome. Very readable UI.

  2. nice design!

    and i can't see your butt from here.

  3. Well, since it's inappropriate for me to be jealous of how awesome your new design is, I choose to congratulate you sincerely. Doggoneit. It looks great Marsha!

  4. It rocks, as do you.

    And did you know that the Shift in a car isn't referred to as a "prndl"

  5. so sexay! Like a good boob shirt.
    klassy even.

  6. Dawn, I suppose next you're going to try and tell me that 'RSVP' is NOT pronounced 'Risvip?'

  7. say, didn't you have a birthday recently?

  8. Love the new design! Very clean. I'm trying to plan my redesign, but I'm still in the hemming and hawing indecision stage.

  9. This was so perfectly accurate that I had to feature you in my post on the BlogHer blog:

    Bravo to you, sweatpantsmom, for copping to your non-geekhood.

    All the best,
    Grace Davis
    Contributing Editor

  10. Love It. Now did you get someone to do that for you or did you do it? (I want to change mine...)
    And it makes your ass look HUUUUUUGE! But that's a good thing coming from me since I'm a Spanish and all...some of us like having big butts...not thighs, just butts. (Now I have Sir-Mix-A-Lot in my head, dammit!)

  11. I just had to stop by and say: Kathy Lee Crosby indeed.

    I laughed so hard things flew out of me.

  12. Hey, it looks good! I like it. :)

  13. Great design, and accurate description of the process!


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