Friday, February 17, 2006

If He Starts Wearing Makeup It's Over

For the past year Rigel and two of his friends have been getting together every Sunday night from nine to midnight and renting a rehearsal space. There, along with Mitch (drums) and Mark (guitar) my art director husband slings on his bass and invokes the souls of all his rock deities. Although, seeing as I have never been to any of these 'jam sessions,' there was always the chance that not a note of music was ever played, and the three men were holed up in that room drinking Stoli and spanking hookers with amp cords.

My suspicions were unfounded, though, because last weekend they had their first gig and their hard work was put on display for all of our friends and family. It took place at BB Kings Blues Club on Universal City Walk which was pretty exciting considering they had never played together in public. They had to come up with a name quickly and decided on Nine2Midnight (get it?) after completely rejecting my suggestion of PimptasticThree. As you can tell I just couldn't let the drunk hooker thing go.

(City Walk is an area of shops and restaurants located next to Universal Studios - this thrilled Kira and Kiyomi and could have only been topped if Rigel had played in the Disneyland parade or at a Pokémon convention.)

I know I'm a little partial, but I thought their band was awesome. This was the first time Rigel had played in public since high school and also the first time I had ever seen him perform on stage. I'm not really a rock fan, my tastes run more towards funk and R&B, but by the end of the first number I was doing the 'pinky-forefinger' point and yelling things like, "You shred goddammit" and "More beer!"

All my photos came out blurry, which is good in a way. Because if there is one thing that's going to convince Rigel that we need a new camera it's the thought that all future photos of his crowning moments on stage will look this crappy:

As you can imagine, I was so proud, and started imagining my future as a rock star wife. We could move to England and re-name our daughters Apple and Fifi Trixibelle. I would dabble in Kabbalah and begin drinking heavily and try to break up the band with my boorish behavior. My fantasy came to an abrupt halt when I realized that the tugging on my arm was not Bono pulling me through a thronging crowd at the Grammys but Kiyomi begging me to order her another Shirley Temple.

Rigel had talked a friend and former co-worker, Michelle, from this band, into singing some vocals along with them. Kira and Kiyomi are hugely impressed with Michelle, not only for her singing voice, but for the fact that one of her songs was chosen for the soundtrack of "Zoe 101." Really, if only one of Rigel's tunes could make it onto a Nickelodeon show, he would have his daughters' eternal love and admiration.

Following Nine2Midnight was this band, made up of thirteen year olds! Who are very talented and have been been playing together since they were eleven, which means that by the time they are fifteen they are destined for a segment on VH1's Behind The Music. Mitch's son is the drummer in this band. Kira and her friends were fascinated by them, and when I caught a glimpse of the girls gazing, the same way I used to stare at my Peter Frampton poster, I knew the Devil's Music had gotten hold of them. When they started swaying and holding up lighters I told them to knock it off and put out those cigarettes while you're at it.

Ever since the show we have been using the words 'Rock Star' very frequently. Such as, "Please take out the recyclables, Rock Star" and "Can you stop at Starbucks and get me a tall, percent Rock Star." We're joking, but I know the seed has been planted and the three of them are planning where their next performance is going to be. I'll let you know if he quits his day job, or starts wearing lycra, or if I can score you some good tickets, cause you know, I'm with the band.

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  1. What size leather pants should I send Rigel?
    And what brand of cigarettes do the girls prefer?

    Rock on Rigel!

  2. Are you gonna start working on your big hair for your wife of rock star look? (I'd recommend Rave to achieve this as you channel Spamela Anderson).

    luckily he's doing this while still a young buck, otherwise they'd have to name the band "early bird special".

    were the smoking the non-filtereds? cuz that's pretty hardcore.

  3. marsh, u r so fucking funny! ROCK ON! :-) michele & mitch

  4. I think the first order of business is for you to get an obnoxious little purse dog and then hire someone to carry it around for you.

    Oh! And you should probably develop a drug habit pretty quickly, so you can go to rehab.

  5. I came over to your blog from Jessie's blog and I have to say, I've stumbled on a good one. I happen to live in Los Angeles and crack ho is on my resume so if there's another gig, let me know and you can have some real live skanky crack ho's swaying to the beat in their own heads!

  6. Don't forget to dye your little purse dog -- hot pink perhaps, or maybe purple. I'd like to see a little purple purse dog.

    *Giving you the pinky-forefinger salute* Rock on, rock on.

  7. Isn't it fun to be a rock star's wife?

    "spanking hookers with amp cords"...hehehehe!

  8. I adore you , Rock Star Crack Ho.

  9. First of all, thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. Such a treat to get a visitor whom I'm not married to, but also to come across someone I've got a few things in common with, like the daughter into lip gloss and Mad Libs. BUT THEN I come to YOUR blog and find out you've also got a KIRA! I, too, have a Kira, only we spell it Kyra. I'll have to keep reading to learn what else we have in common. Maybe you, too, have a neighbor that collects owls or a boss that suffers from gout. Maybe? Anyway, thanks again for stopping by!

  10. that "pink-forfinger" thing is called a rawkfist.


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