Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Seeds Of Discontent

Kira is complaining once again about her teacher. Fourth grade is a harsh mistress.

Rigel: There must be at least one positive thing you can say about him

Kira: I am grateful he's not with me all the time.


Required homework for Kiyomi's second grade class is to write a journal entry every night (spawning future bloggers, one malleable brain at a time.) The assignment tonight was to write a letter to the president:

Dear George bush,

Hello! I am Kiyomi and my favorite color is magenta. Here is a sugjestun (sic) for you: Go to another country! Don't you say no to that sugjestun!

Now that I told you that, I will tell you more about me. I have a nice teacher I mean terrific teacher. I love art and manga. Now that I told you some stuff about me you can go along and ruin some other state.

your destroyer,

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  1. SPM- FO' REAL? She wrote that? She is only SEVEN and can so articulately and succinctly express the feeling of half (or more, no stats whore am I) the country.

    That said, magna and magenta. I see a trend.

    Definitely Apple/Tree analogy to be made here. Nicely done, Mama.

  2. also, "your destroyer,"--yeah, I am totally stealing that for my work e-mail sign offs.

  3. I hope they send it to him.

  4. oh, what a savvy little destroyer you have. You must be beaming with pride at her wisdom.

    BTW, LOVED the "Homage to Oprah" you shared... Girl, you are good!

    And, lastly, my lip gloss aficionado is actually named Antonia. Although my Kyra, who is every bit of 10 months, ALSO loves lip gloss... apparently it goes nicely with Cheerios.

  5. *snort* That's classic. Be sure to tuck that one away in her baby book.

  6. I imagine Kiyomi's assignments are popular reading in the teachers' lounge.

  7. I think you should ask her to draw a mother cat nursing some kitties and see what she comes up with!!!

  8. Kira = Glass half full

    Kiyomi= The next President

  9. You better be careful -- the government might consider this a threat against the Pres and Kiyomi might be considred an "evil doer" and your house an "axis of evil". Watch your back.

  10. That is the best letter I have ever read. Ever. In my life. And I'm in college and have read a few letters in my time. My roommate recommends that you "frame that shit". I agree.

    BTW. Hello. I just stalked you from Jenn's blog.

  11. Dear Sweatpants Mom,

    We'd be delighted to take Kiyomi for the summer as requested.

    Let's arange details.


  12. That is so freaking funny.

  13. Oh my but your child is reading my mind! lol. Thanks for stopping my blog, too!

  14. It seems your girls are budding smart-asses. Nice job!


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