Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Seriously, The Absolutely Last Post In Which I Mention My Birthday

This is just a chance for me to give some props to my awesome husband, who threw me the nicest of birthday parties last weekend. And to prove that not all parties thrown by men involve keggers or the hiring of strippers.

The party took place at a restaurant, where he had arranged for us to have a private room. He did a nice invitation. He coordinated the menu. He did decorations! He invited all my friends. He ordered and picked up the cake. He did a wonderful photo montage and didn't use even one picture of me where I am looking haggard and old and possessing more than one chin. (Although I should mention that he is an expert at Photoshop. But still.)

Ladies, for future reference, my tips for scoring such a party for yourselves:

1) Drop numerous hints, in the months leading up to your birthday, that a party would indeed be a welcome gesture and would result in numerous 'husband points' which could be redeemed for untold pleasures at a later date.

2) Make it perfectly clear that under no circumstances will you tolerate a kegger or the hiring of strippers.

(Thanks, sweetie. You're the best.)

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  1. Happy belated birthday!!!! Sounds like your husband did a great job.

  2. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it now, Happy Birthday! I just had one myself and it was the best one I'd had in years. Not just in terms of loot (though the loot was good!) but in terms of feeling that I was being thought of in lovely ways. Congrats on the nice hubby!

  3. Happy birthday! that cake is beautiful! Sounds like the party rocked the hizzouse, or whatever the kids say these days.

  4. My birthday's in August. Is now too early to start dropping hints?

    Sounds like a fun time. A party for the mom -- cool!

  5. mary, my b-day is in July. I've been dropping hints since the day after my LAST birthday.
    Marsha- YAY! He listens. You have trained him well. but are you sure he didn't have strippers waiting in the restroom just in case you changed your mind?

  6. Wow, we have gotten old! If memory serves, the party
    from the old days didn't rock UNTIL the kegger arrived and I do recall one particular male strippper from
    'OSCO'S" disco and you waving a dollar bill..... REMEMBER HIM? HA! (Sorry, I've revealed our age by using the term "disco" More importantly, I'm so happy that RIGEL is such a great husband and father, that is worth all the gifts in the world. You scored girl! Happy Belated Birthday!
    I love you much...

  7. Maggie, you've done more to reveal our age by referring to a time when a stripper could be bought for only a DOLLAR.

    Ah, the good ol' days, when the male strippers were cheap and the wine was even cheaper. Or was that us?


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