Friday, February 03, 2006

For Some Reason I Can't Come Up With A Title
For This Post

Around once a month I make a pilgrimage with my mom to a Japanese market located in another city. I usually bring Kira and Kiyomi, too, since they like to visit a small boutique within the market that sells all sorts of imported toys. While there we enjoy throwing away Rigel's hard earned money on necessities such as Pokémon cards and Sailor Moon lunchboxes. We were just there on Tuesday and I picked this up:

It was only 99¢ so I couldn't resist buying it just to post it here.

Don't say I never do anything for you.

Now somebody please title this post for me.

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  1. i'm sorry i need more info -- what does it say when you (i.e. beautiful girl) "press any button"?

    -al's norcal friend kb

  2. kb:

    "My Humps My Humps! My Lovely Lady Lumps!"

  3. 'Non-Cancerous Nympho'

  4. Oh. My. God. "Benign Girl?" and "Super Telephone?" Wow. Plus, "Beautiful girl press any button." I am so jealous that you found this! I need to start perusing such shops.

    Benign Girl Enjoys Banal Banter on Her Pink Choking Hazard Super Telephone.

  5. There is no title. You should put audio in the title place, and press the buttons so we could hear what that phone has to say to the beautiful girls.
    My question is what happens if an ugly girl presses a button? Does she get an electric shock?

  6. I wonder if "benign girl" is translation for 'good times girl who give no trouble?"

  7. "I'd really be ly-in'
    if I said I was beni-ing"
    First read - great stuff!

  8. "Replacing the now-discontinued Malignant Girl."

  9. We know Benign GAL was MADE IN CHINA, but please tell us which ASIAN country was responsible for this piece of work. Think I can buy these in bulk, so I can hand them out at Halloween?

  10. Benign, but still lumpy!

    Okay, that was just wrong. I'm sorry. Not sorry enough to not say it, but still sorry.

  11. New adition. Barbie "call girl" limited edition. Just one ring away. Call me for a GFE! Barbie...

  12. "a cancerous concept for girls" is what I'd title your blog. And, what's up with the cleavage of the girl on the phone? Nice artwork, it goes all the way up to her necklace! Eek!!

  13. "What we in Asian like to call you slutty american Hussy's behind your back, but still in code so you don't know we are calling you slutty"

    I am not sure that
    "Battery" and
    "Operated" deserve their own lines. If so, then their are alot of vibrators which also need a re-write...

  14. "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee...Benign with all my in Teg-grity"

    I love how it states "*Battery *Operated" as if that's 2 separate "features" of the phone and then goes on to say "*Creative *various Music"

    Shit, I just saw dawn wrote the same thing. F-it, I'm not re-doing this comment.

  15. Ribbed for her benign pleasure.

    Go ahead and try the phone considering the batteries are the outside of the phone. Personally it would have made a whole lot more sense if they were placed over benign girl's chest.


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