Monday, February 28, 2005

Some Thoughts On The Oscars (I Know You're DYING To Hear Them)

1) Go Jamie Foxx!

2) Too Much Beyoncé, Even For Me.

3) Sean Penn: Take Some Of Dat Money And Get Yo'self A Sense Of Humor.

4) Melanie Griffith's Freaky Lips - Omigod.

5) Who Told Antonio Banderas He Could Sing?

6) It Just Wasn't The Same Without Paris Hilton.

7) I Refuse To Feel Sorry For Martin Scorsese.

8) Does Anyone Else Find Johnny Depp Kinda Creepy?

9) Too Much Beyoncé Is Way Better Than Too Much Celine Dion.

10) I Am Afraid of Barbra Streisand.

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  1. Answer to question 5: Melanie Grifffith's BIG lips!

  2. Answer to question 5: Melanie Griffith's BIG lips!

  3. oops sorry, i don't know how to work this blogger stuff.


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