Saturday, February 19, 2005

I Heart PowerBook

Laptop Love

While it can certainly be described as an unnatural love, the love that dare not speak it's name, I confess that I am truly smitten with my PowerBook. Its smooth, sleek, silver case, its amazingly seductive screen, its whisper quiet keys. OSX (No, that's not pronounced 'Ossex' you idiot) and all its lovely nuances - I can't keep my hands off this foxy, wily machine.

It was a gift from Rigel for Christmas, his contribution to support my new hopes of becoming a writer. I did some hardcore hinting (a subtle "Hey Honey! How about buyin' me a new laptop for Christmas? One of those silver PowerBooks with the 15" screen?) and surprise, there it was, under the tree on Christmas morn, the heavy, rectangular box bearing the machine of my dreams. I know we were supposed to be celebrating Jesus' birth and all, but I truly felt like the Three Wise Men had descended on our house and left the King of all Gifts under the tree just for me. In no time I was downloading all sorts of bad music with iTunes (at 99¢ a song, WHY NOT download Justin Timberlake's 'Rock Your Body?') and making way too many obnoxiously cute slide shows with iPhoto that I can email to friends and relatives to overload their emailboxes. Sure, I've had a perfectly good Mac all these years, but who wouldn't be completely seduced by a brand new model, and one that could be used without even having to get out of bed? I take it with me everywhere, and if someone dares to come up with a cute little 'Baby Bjorn' sling that I can use to carry my newborn laptop in front of me, you can bet I'll be buyin' one.

My love for electronics is not limited to my PowerBook. While some women would be lusting after some serious bling-bling or a bow-topped Jaguar (or as the woman in the commercial annoyingly pronounces it, "Jag-oo-our." What is UP with that?!!) I dream of being gifted with portable devices, everything from a Blackberry to a Palm Pilot. Sure I don't really NEED any of these things, but who mentioned practicality? I'm talking desire, the nerdy desire that only a wireless, metal-with-an-LCD-screen type can satisfy. Unfortunately, Rigel doesn't share this obscene obsession, and tries his best not to cave in to my whims. I finally forced him into buying us both camera phones (it even takes short movies! I will die happy), but that was only because we were so fed up with our service and his phone stopped working. His futile rationale: "I have a phone. I have a camera. I don't need a phone that IS a camera." A valid argument, but sort of like telling the woman sitting next to you at Dennys, "Hey there big gal. Now, you got some ice cream there. You got chocolate syrup. You sure as hell don't need a sundae." My point: Don't stand between a woman and her irrational desires. (I might add that Rigel received an iPod for Christmas that IS STILL IN THE BOX. That is SO wrong.)

Look honey! Look at the 12 second movie I shot with my phone! I'm going to email it to my PowerBook!

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  1. M,
    Sorry to hear about your ordeal with your left or is it right eye? I share your love for anything wireless. The trick is not coming up with the resources to purchase whatever new techno thing that hits the streets but the appropriate rationale for the significant other (my case the CFO, er, wife) or the boss at work. If it was not for a nice year end bonus I would not be stylin with my iPOD photo. Speaking of which, it is "wrong" to imprison a purchased iPOD in its box. I'd crack that thing open and load it with Rigel's fave music.

    Anyway, hope you are feeling better everyday. Say hi to the family.

    Your friends from Burbank (with the hapa kids)


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