Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Shallow -- Population:You

Here are 9 things ACTUALLY said to me by a now ex-friend, over the course of our friendship:

1) "You got your hair cut! You look so...mature."

2) "Oh, so you got your car! What color? Uh, is that a good thing?"

3) "Oh, c'mon. You know Rigel only married you
because you were young and good looking."

4) "I am NOT shallow!"

5) "Oh...You're...wearing...a...miniskirt?"

6) "You have good taste. Cheap, good taste."

7) (Six years ago, when telling her about a surgery I had)
"I can't listen to this. It's depressing me."

8) "You look much better today! The last time I saw you,
you looked just awful."

9) "I am SO a good friend! Really, I AM!"

The End.

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