Friday, June 04, 2010

Daily Celebrity Dropping: Justin Bieber Causes Poor Judgement in Elderly

Need proof that Justin Bieber is nothing but trouble? Here's a story about a 14-year-old fan who has been sleeping for days on the streets of midtown Manhattan in order to get a front-row seat for the teenybopper's appearance on the 'Today' show. 63-year-old Jeannine Walker helped granddaughter Bailey Hosterman and her friend set up camp outside the show's studios in Rockefeller Plaza so that the teens could be first in line.
I know, you're saying to yourself, "Awww, nice granny!" But then the story gets strange. And I get all judgmental.

Walker isn't participating in the campout -- she checked into a nearby hotel and left the girls on their own. "I'm too old to sleep on the cement with a poncho," grandma said. "I didn't worry...we text and they always have their phones on." 

Is it just me, or does it sound batshit crazy to leave two girls sleeping on the streets of New York alone? Okay, I'll stop wagging my finger now.
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[via nydailynews]

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  1. No, no - you go ahead and wag. Do it for all of us out here judging along with you!

  2. doubleyou tee eff, granny?

  3. Yeah. Be judgemental! I'll join you!

  4. Seriously? Two 14 year old girls alone on the streets of New York with just cell phones to see a YouTube star? This is beyond crazy...

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  6. I dont see what is the big deal about this kid, he doesn't have a great voice, plus on stage he dont perform well.


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