Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Celebrity Dropping: 'The Bachelor' Split Shocks No One Except For The Bachelor

Wow -- who saw this coming? Alleged hottie Jake Pavelka proposes to an ex-Hooters waitress on last season's 'The Bachelor' and now they've called off the engagement because she's - wait for it - cheating on him! Damn, and just as I was getting over the Liza Minelli / David Gest split.

Above mentioned waitress Vienna Girardi has reportedly hooked up with some actor named Gregory Michael, which got Jake's madras shorts all in a twist. But Vienna says that the real reason they broke up is that Jake refuses to have sex with her. I just wish these kids could get it together so I could stop worrying and get some sleep at night.

Jake is reportedly "shocked" about the whole split. Huh. 

In related news, this guy almost got his balls ripped off. See you tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, come one...we all know they didn't break up because she was cheating on him. They broke up because he's gay!

  2. I haven't watched since that Firestone guy was the bachelor. I don't even expect them to stay together anymore. These shows should just end... but wow, go Trista Rehn!


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